• Lucy
  • Dog ID: 14-057


March 5th, 2018:

Three years ago we fostered - and soon adopted - an adult Golden Retriever. She arrived in ‘rough’ condition - our friend at the rescue organization, a long time volunteer, described her as one of the worst she had seen at intake, to the point where some of the customary assessments were postponed in preference to getting the dog - already named Lucy - into care without delay.
Lucy (who we subsequently learned was blind in one eye) responded exceptionally well to a diet of medicines, good food, warm beds and limitless love. She befriended the two energetic cats of the house - albeit that their extroverted natures were a little overpowering at times. This dog knew simply how to love and be loyal and asked for nothing more than soft voices, the occasional meal and as many walks as you could handle. She loved to ride in the car or truck (even a friends boat) and there were few things better in her life than that ride ending up at the dog park where she could stretch her legs, play with other dogs, and be the ultimate social butterfly with every human being she came into contact with.
Today that beautiful, loving, gentle Golden girl, left this world in a warm embrace, reassured and supported. It was the fulfillment of the extraordinary obligation we have as pet owners to always do what is best, even though we know the heartache that brings.
Goodbye dear friend. Thank you for giving back so freely of your love