• Dog ID: 11-069

November 25, 2014 Update

It is still so fresh in my mind. Tomorrow will be a week since our Lizzy passed. How do we go on.....? Lizzy brightened our lives from the moment she arrived. She stepped out of the car and I fell instantly in love with her. She went through so much in the past 2 weeks before she passed. But always as goldens are wanting to be touched, just for a moment...It was truly an honor to have her with us. My life is so incomplete without her. I came home last Wednesday and no one was home, I was by myself for the first time in 3 years...my heart sunk and I cried all afternoon. No Lizzy ........ The hurt will never go but her love will remain with me forever...Lizzy, where ever you are...know that I am missing you, and wishing for one more nose bump and a loving look from your beautiful eyes...rest my baby.....momma misses you...hopefully my girl Cassie greeted you and you are well and in no more pain... I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU...MY LIZARD... Here is my favorite picture of Lizzy..just after a day of pampering...is she not the most beautiful girl!!!!!!!!!! Mom