• Dog ID: 13-052

April 9, 2014 Update:

Levi passed on Sunday night, April 6 at around midnight. He had been sick off and on for a couple of days. Sunday morning we went on our early morning walk and he had the bounce back in his step. Then he ate his breakfast as enthusiastically as ever (that's pretty enthusiastic!). We thought he was recovering from something bad he may have eaten during a walk. Sadly and suddenly, he collapsed Sunday night about 7:00 and could not get up. We rushed him to the emergency clinic. He was very weak and in shock. Tests revealed internal bleeding and a tumor on his spleen. The vet let us know the odds weren't good, at least an 80% chance it was cancerous and if so, it probably had spread. She couldn't be sure without surgery. With his previous tumor being benign and that 20% chance of possible success and very little time to make a decision, we opted for surgery for our boy. He was heavily sedated before going into surgery and in no pain, we talked to him, stroked his head, he couldn’t focus his eyes but he knew we were there. Our fears were confirmed. He had substantial levels of blood in his abdomen and several other tumors including some on his liver. No options left, with heavy hearts we had him released from his worn out body on the operating table. We are heartbroken. Levi joined our family last December. He immediately fit in like an old shoe. He still had itchy skin and thin fur in places and needed weekly baths for the first month or so. But he felt good and he was strong. His fur filled in very quickly. We bonded delightfully fast and the bond grew stronger each day. Levi was so affectionate, polite and trusting we loved him enormously. Although we only had four months with Levi, with both us home everyday we became inseparable. He loved to go for rides, wagging his tail like crazy and would jump into the car before we could even get the door completely open. He had no clue whether we were going to the walking trail or to the post office to get the mail. He didn’t care, he just wanted to be included! He loved our long walks, especially down the country road near our home. When the wind direction came from a farm down the road, Levi would stop, lift his head high, smile and enjoy the scents. Sometimes he would stand there for a couple minutes before continuing our walk. He was so much fun to walk with. To see him prancing along, tail wagging, with a big ol’ smile on his face, it was like watching a sunny sky. And he loved to go to the Meet and Greet fundraisers at the Boston Store. Like all Goldens, Levi had a magnetic effect on people and he loved the attention he received. We laughed every time we came home from those fundraisers because Levi would have “perfume head”! Rest in peace Levi. You only wanted to give and receive love. You succeeded. It was an honor to have you love us. We will love you forever. Thank you GRRoW for matching us up with Levi. And a special thanks to his foster family for nursing him back to health from a horrible condition before we adopted him.