• Dog ID: 14-019R

Final Update for Haley.  Haley came into our lives and left very quickly – somewhat like a blip on a radar screen. She was with us for only four short weeks, but in that brief time, she touched the lives and hearts of many. She was a remarkable dog. Haley came to us with a history. She had been a GRRoW dog ten years before and was adopted by a couple in whose home she found absolute love and where she was treated like a princess. She and her male owner, her ”dad”, bonded completely. They went everywhere together, and he was often heard announcing their arrival with “Haley, the best dog in the world is here.” Along the way, many GRRoW volunteers and other dog people got to know her and witnessed the absolute joy which filled her life. And then this winter, her owner became ill and passed away. Haley’s heart broke, and a couple months later she found herself once again in GRRoW – almost fourteen, lost and feeling very alone. She came to our home as a forever foster to live out her final months, and the first week or so went well. She seemed to bond with our family and settle in with no problems. She saw a wonderful holistic vet and received a clean bill of health. Everything looked very positive. It would have been a good ending to her life, but it was not her old life and that was what she wanted. Haley was ready to leave. Over the next week and a half she became weak and her interest in food quickly diminished. We were worried and took her to our vet for a complete checkup. Her lab work came back with a higher than usual white count and low albumen and thyroid, but none of the levels were off enough to account for her continuing decline. On Thursday of this past week we had her hospitalized so that she could receive fluids and medications via IV. She was monitored very closely and given additional meds as seemed appropriate. On Friday morning I received a call from our vet saying that she had lost further ground overnight. He was mystified and felt that even if we were to get a diagnosis, she was too weak to come back. Haley was dying. Her passing was very peaceful, and the women who had worked with her for years were there to love her up, shed many tears, and say goodbye. Those of us who witnessed all this believe that she is now with her "dad" and is once again a very happy girl. The scientists among us might say that there had to be a physical cause – something like cancer, and I am sure they are correct. But then there are the romantics who have watched and interacted with this dog for years, and every one of them would say that she died of a broken heart – that she knew she had to leave – that she is now running happily with her very best friend. Her passing has hit us much harder than I would have anticipated. She was a very special girl who left her footprints on all of our hearts. She is already greatly missed. I want to thank each of the many GRRoW volunteers for your generosity in stepping forward to help with Haley's walks and whatever else was needed. Your kindness and friendship are appreciated more than you will ever know. You all are awesome. Thank you so much.