• Dog ID: 14-024

October 13, 2014 Update

Our big bear Gunner left us on October 3, 2014 following a very brief period of difficulty putting weight on his left leg. His evaluation showed an extensive tumor involving the pelvis on the left side. Attempts at aggressive pain management were unsuccessful and by Friday Oct 3rd he was no longer able to stand on his own in spite of his gallant efforts. He polished off his two frozen Kong's of canned food followed by a tasty serving of beef tenderloin and vanilla ice cream before passing away very peacefully on his rug at the side of my bed. I now know where the expression “I thought I died and went to heaven” comes from as I think those were his final thoughts. A big thank you to the kindness of the staff of A Breed Apart Animal Hospital and Dr. Kate Washabaugh for making an urgent home visit to relieve his suffering. He was an amazing source of laughter, joy and comfort to all that he met. He exemplified the amazing nature of a “Golden” and he is dearly missed. Thank you to all the people at GRRoW who helped me with him over the last six months.