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Ginger wasn't a GRRoW dog but she did a lot of GRRoW activities when she was younger at Petco, the Pet Expo and Younkers. I'm attaching a picture taken at the GRRoW Younkers Community Days Sale when she decided to lie in the middle of the floor logo. The other pictures: a very recent shot in her favorite chair with her saggy, white face; the stairs was her favorite vantage point when one of us was in the basement and the other upstairs; and the squirrel was just cute. To the Rainbow Bridge - Ginger 2003-2014 We recently lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Ginger. It was very sudden and unexpected as she was fine and playful the night before. She was a wonderful companion and accompanied me to many GRRoW events over the years as well as being Miss June in the 2012 GRRoW calendar. The house is very empty without her.