• Dog ID: 11-057


Gandalf gave me many favorite memories over the 3.5 years I had him.   One was how he loved to "go through the tunnel".  He would stick his head between my legs and I would have to pet him as he walked through.   We I got to his hind end he would pick up his back feet and step up and down.   He also loved licking out bowls that I made things in.   He would take it outside and walk around with it.   Lay down and clean it out.   One day I went outside and he greeted me with a bowl and wouldn't put it down.   He also had a thing for my mittens.  He would try to pull them off and then tease me with them.   If I didn't have mittens on  he would grab my coat sleeve and start to play tug of war.   Toward the end the only way I could get him to walk with me was to given him a mitten.