• Dog ID: 15-006
  • Surrender Date: January 30, 2015


September 21st, 2016:

Fred age 16, is resting this night at the rainbow bridge. The last few weeks I saw him decline as the old ones do. Thank you GRRoW for allowing me to foster this gentleman. He was a joy and was much loved by his pack and many friends, especially intake volunteer Jane Babcock who visited him often in the past 20 months and shared his passing today. Many thanks to the BOD who approved his many treatments for ears, and teeth. Once he was well, he just radiated happiness. Thanks also to Dr Marold at Elm Brook who patiently coaxed Fred’s ear infections and handled his dental care. His clinic was very generous with GRRoW and I appreciate this consideration. And lastly a big thank you to my friend and veterinarian Pete Gaveras who handled Fred’s meds and ongoing care and who was with him today to ease him towards the bridge. Fred shared his last hours with his pack and that crazy cat who would under no circumstances leave his side today, not even to eat.

August 5th, 2016:

Frederick has remained my sweet, patient gentleman. Who would have thought that in the rough condition he presented that he would still be with me 20 months later!!! Happy 16th birthday Fred!!! And thank you GRRoW for taking a chance on him. Fred has found the summer to be tiring and although we get our walks in, they are much slower and shorter. He has figured out that I will cook for him and offer him many varieties of raw meat which he loves so he has decided to become finicky. Last week it was cooked eggs. This week it is raw beef liver. Good thing the leftovers don’t go to waste. My other Goldens must think it’s Christmas with the buffet of foods I am serving everyone now. Golden heaven for sure. My grey kitty Duca, adopted Fred right away and can be found in proximity even though Fred doesn’t seem to be very interested in him. Not sure what the cat sees in his company. Maybe they share stories. Otherwise we are just greeting every day with a golden smile and appreciating each one. 

February 10th, 2016:

Fred joined the GRRoW family in early 2015. He had been rescued from a small shelter that reached out to GRRoW for help. Fred was 14 when he joined us and had some serious health concerns. His ears were badly infected and he had several abscessed teeth. He was also under nourished and acted lost and confused. Fast forward to one year later and WOW!!! What strides Fred has made! Although his ear issues likely will not be entirely resolved, they are much better and he is comfortable and his teeth are pretty good for a 90-ish year old man. Fred had a great summer going on daily walks and hanging out with his pack. On the 'to do' list was tolerating the cat who insists on grooming his face from time to time, and barking 'back up' when the other dogs heard something worth the effort. Fred also celebrated his 15th birthday with his fur family and several GRRoW volunteers (see photo). The cold weather has slowed us all down and the walks have been less and shorter. But Fred gets up and follows me from room to room. He chooses strategically located beds in each one to keep an eye on me so he gets his exercise on the days when I'm busy with projects. Fred has learned to bark to go outside and bark to get my attention and bark when he wants a treat....hmmmm you get the idea. It's wonderful to see this gentleman senior have enough confidence to bark and know it will be received in a positive manner. I have fostered and adopted a number of older dogs and adopting a senior can give SO MUCH joy and satisfaction to the whole family. Helping to make a dog's senior time a pleasure is so rewarding. And they KNOW they have been rescued and are so very grateful. When Fred comes to me and tucks his head into me and I rub his ears and massage his old bones I know from the happy noises he makes and the way he melts at my touch, that he is truly home. I'd like to recommend this book. My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts Coffey, Laura T.

May 4, 2015 Update:

Fred is amazing!

On Monday 4/06, Fred (our forever foster at 14 yrs old) had his two abscessed premolars extracted and a deep ear cleaning.  As expected he was pretty wiped out afterwards, but ate well this morning and is more cheerful than I would expect.  My cat decided Fred might need a nurse, so was available and watched over him (see the photo). Fred continues to recover nicely and he spun around when I came in the door this morning and gave a yip.  He never did that before.  Pretty graceful for an old guy.  He looks joyful.....and appears to be a lot more comfortable.  He had a walk today before the rain and he has kept his stamina.  Now his healing can truly begin.  FRED is doing SO WELL I am really astonished at the progress he has made.  His ears are still iffy but much better than the vets ever expected.  After today he will get home ear care twice a day with a recheck in 2 weeks.  Extraction site looks great and he has started blowing coat, which to me is a really good sign that his body is on a normal cycle again.  His fur on his back has grown in nicely, the swelling from his extractions is gone from his face and he really is a handsome boy.  I'm waiting for a warm sunny day where I can sneak a photo of him being happy (at a distance).  He HATES having his picture taken.

March 30, 2015 Update:

Fred has had a busy few weeks.  His ears were very infected, so he has had two serious cleanings at the vet and took them in stride.  Next will be a dental to remove his abscessed tooth. Throughout all this, Fred is a happy camper.  He waited by the door this morning, insisting on his walk.  He's all about leading the pack. It's hilarious seeing him trotting down the sidewalk on a mission. The other day Fred picked up a ball for the first time and dropped it when he lied down (see the latest picture).  Fred looks sad in the picture, but don’t let that fool you-he is a happy boy but he hates having his picture taken!  I am encouraged by his attitude, his gaining weight, regrowing fur and increased stamina.  He is a sweet old boy and it is nice to see him smile, greet me at the door and bark at the mail carrier!

February 12, 2015 Update:

Given all the changes in his life, Fred has settled in pretty well. As you can see from the photos, he has joined the group with my two resident goldens and seems well integrated and content. He pushes his way in and out of the house between the other dogs. They seem to think this is funny and smile at him when he does it. He has adopted two different dog beds and can be found on either one pretty much when he's not rooting under my arm for pets.

Fred is being fed 4x a day, which he thinks is a pretty good deal, to get some more weight on him.  He also is getting grain free treats and canned dog food stuffed kongs - lucky boy! Fred seems pretty happy.  He smiles and lays at my feet and asks for attention. We had a 6 block walk yesterday before it got cold and he was trotting for half of it, rearing to go. Warms your heart!

February 6, 2015 Update:

Fred came into GRRoW from a Humane Society in Northern Wisconsin.  He is 14 years old and the sweetest dog you would ever want to meet - in other words, a typical Golden.    He has been with us for only a week and in that short time has won the hearts of everyone he has met.  Fred has been going through some initial health evaluations and yesterday received a much needed bath.  More importantly, he is now part of a family where he is receiving unconditional love, good care, and lots of quality food.   Fred is eagerly embarking on a new phase of his life with GRRoW beside him all the way.