• Dory
  • Dog ID: 11-073


July 5th, 2018:
Dory was a character. The first day we got her she made herself right at home. Not much seemed to bother Dory. She pretty much established her own routines. The only thing she wasn’t sure of were stairs. I don’t believe she had ever encountered them before in her life. Over time she managed them but never liked them.

I believe she could tell time and always knew what day it was. Every morning at 5:00 am, give or take 5 minutes, she would wake us up. She would eat and then wanted out. When let back in she would get a treat and a chew stick. At 2:20 in the afternoon, she wanted to eat again. Same routine, treat, and chew stick. Every Sunday evening, she would be laying in front of the refrigerator waiting for ice cream. That was her routine from day one until lately when she went off her feed. She was a near perfect inside dog, never got in the trash, didn’t counter surf, get on furniture, or jump on people. She loved kids and people in general.

Another thing she really enjoyed was truck rides. She would stick her nose out the window until you hit 50mph then she would lay down. She was never able to jump in or out of the truck, but we always helped her and she went with us whenever we could take her.

Over the years, the stairs were getting harder and harder. Her back legs were losing strength and the hardwood floors were hard to get up from. We could tell she was in pain at times. Even though we were carrying her up the stairs and helping her get up from the floor, we knew the time had come. She was 13 1/2 years old. We miss her so much. Never have we had a dog that so perfectly fit our lifestyle. She was a Godsend and we will remember her always. Thank you GRROW.