• Dog ID: 09-010


We had contacted GRRoW for a dog and several of our pairings fell through. We were disappointed each time. But, Ann and Gary Hendricks called and said we have a young male for you named Dooley. He was 10 months old and beautiful. We were excited beyond belief. A puppy, yay!!

Well, we scheduled our time to received Dooley, a very cold Wisconsin day. Here comes Gary and Ann with their Explorer full with toys, a dog bed, kennel and the biggest Golden you have ever seen! Dooley was 130 pounds of muscle and a lot of love! This is a puppy!!

He had the sweetest face and full of energy! We always say “ I always wanted a pony, and now I have one and his name is Dooley”. He was a challenge, he loved to tug his leash and jump while walking. Knocked me down a few times, but with a lot of patience and training he grew out of it .

In the meantime, we received another GRRoW dog, this time a puppy named Niska. Niska loved her brother, but like typical brothers and sisters, Dooley wanted no part of her. But they grew to love each other very much. Niska is lost without her brother. Dooley suffered from Cushing's disease for the last three years and was doing well. We were able to manage the Cushings to the best of Vet’s ability. However, the complications of the disease can be unmanageable. 

We all lost the fight last Saturday, he crossed the rainbow bridge.