• Dakota
  • Dog ID: 07-097SN


Our life that we shared with him, and his life that he shared with us. Dakota was about 4 years old when he came to live with us on March 22, 2008. I was so excited for us that we were picked as his forever home. We accepted the responsibility to share what we had with him knowing he had special needs. He had epilepsy, lymes and thyroid problems at the time. His epilepsy was difficult at first to get under control. We tried many different modalities such as acupuncture, herbal supplements, diet changes, medical medication, vitamins, supplements and LOVE. As he grew older he developed many other illness. 

He loved to walk and meet people. He always knew which driveways to stop by to get petted. He loved to play games with David and me. Hide and seek was one of his favorites. He was very smart and did very well with commands. ”shake, stay, wait, give me five, flip the treat from his nose and catch it in his mouth, which hand was the treat in, loved taking walks off leash always stopping and turning around as to say catch up. He liked visiting and drives in the car. He did so well in obedience class that we went on and he received his Good Citizen and Therapy dog certification. 

He was our comfort when David had open heart surgery and I had cancer. He was there for us. He would like to jump on the bed and cuddle with us. He never went on the bed until David was in the hospital with his heart surgery and I was lonely. It was funny when David came home. No room for him. Dakota also had some traits that were not always cute, counter surfing (once he ate a whole stick of butter, boxes of mushrooms, etc), garbage diving, toilet paper marathons, and of course the “who ate my slipper trick”. 

He was good with the three cats. If they we at the water bowl he always waited until they were done. Every night at 10 they would line up in the kitchen for their good night treats. They loved to share a hamburger. He also like to share my banana and apple with me. Dakota liked the grandchildren especially when they were learning to feed themselves. He couldn't wait to help me clean up the floor afterwards. And sometimes he got a little greedy and wanted it right away. I have many more stories but I was trying to keep this one page.

Thanks to GRRow, Kristine and Joe Nesbit(foster parents), Dr. Sue and the Tender Touch family, family, friends, neighbors and God. We were blessed by sharing life with him. 

He is deeply missed, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, August 18. David and I sat with him as he passed. I had anointed him with Frankincense, Lavender, and did Reiki with him and he passed quickly and peacefully. He was laid to rest in our woods.  

Susan and David Rohlinger