• Butterscotch (Butters)
  • Dog ID: 16-038


August 26, 2018:

It is with much pain and sadness in my heart to say that I no longer have my best friend Butterscotch. She passed on to the rainbow bridge on July 31st. She was 12 1/2 yrs old. She had been having issues with advanced kidney disease since last April. I had fostered her for 2 yrs. One of those years she was my forever foster. I can't begin to say how wonderful she was and how much joy and happiness she brought to me. She was truly my best friend that I loved so much. She was my first foster dog from GRRoW and I'm so grateful to them for sending her to me. She added so much to my life and I feel that we were meant for each other. I miss her so much. She is no longer by my side but will always be in my heart.

April 24, 2018:

Butterscotch is recovering well from her dental surgery that she had last Wed. She had another 11 teeth removed. She doesn't have many teeth left but does manage to eat soft food mixed with her dry food well. She's also being treated again for her dry flaky skin. She's currently on antibiotics and will be going for baths with special medicated shampoo. This doesn't seem to bother her. Even though she doesn't have many teeth she's still able to pick up her squeeky toys and loves to run after them in my apt. No new lumps or bumps which is great news, the cancer is staying away!

November 8th, 2016:

The Board of Directors has elected to designate Butterscotch a "Forever Foster" because of her recent diagnosis of two cancerous mammary tumors that have been successfully removed by surgery. She will remain with her loving Foster family.

October 27th, 2016:

Butters had surgery 3 weeks ago to remove 2 mammary tumors. The biopsies came back showing that they were cancer. The vet feels that they got all of the cancer and that it was a non aggressive type which was good. The plan for now is to continue to monitor for the return of these tumors again or any new ones. The vet wants to see Butters again in 6 months to evaluate her again, unless some new ones return before that time.Butters did very well with the surgery,and had her sutures removed last week. She's healing well. She continues to be a joy to have around. Recently my daughter was here for a visit with her dog and other than Butters hoarding her toys and wanting the toys from my daughters dog they got along well. Will continue to provide updates as needed. She will remain in foster care until she is reevaluated in six months.

August 9th, 2016:

Butterscotch is settling in very well with me. She loves getting lots of love and attention like all Goldens do. She went to the vet last week and did great in the car and at the vet. Upon examining Butters she found out that she has severe dental problems. She'll be needing extensive dental surgery. She'll be needing at least 9 teeth extracted or more. The vet won't know how many until she actually does the surgery. She also has severe tartar issues and gingivitis, so you'll need major cleaning of her teeth too. Thankfully the board has approved the surgery and she'll be having it on Aug 24th. Butters is looking forward to getting this done so she'll get her pretty smile back again. The vet also ruled out some other concerns that we had. She said that Butters didn't have Cushing's disease or problems with her thyroid . Other than her bad teeth she's in pretty good health. I will continue to send updates. I'm really enjoying having Butters with me.

July 25th, 2016:

Butterscotch or Butters as we call her has just arrived on July 23rd. She is a very quiet, friendly dog who loves attention and affection. She seems to be settling in well. The first 2 days she mainly slept and wouldn't eat, but with a special hamburger rice mixture she started to eat. She now eats her dry dog food. She's now more alert and not sleeping as much, but still sleeping a lot. After all she is 11 so that's expected. She's had no accidents in my apt and goes outside readily. She does well left by herself without any crate.She prefers laying on the floor by the couch. She hasn't gone on any furniture either. She walks well on a leash when we've gone for short walks. We haven't run into any dogs or people yet to see how she'd react to them. She hasn't seen the vet yet,but we're in the process of arranging that. They'll be addressing her injury to her left eye with possible blindness there,the large amount of tartar on her teeth and the possibility of Cushing's disease. Updates to follow. I'm a senior citizen and so far I feel that this is a great dog for a senior since she's so quiet and laid back.