• Dog ID: 12-041

May 31, 2014 Update:

I met Buster almost three years ago when I picked him up at a gas station outside of Milwaukee. He had been surrendered by his family, and was in very poor health. I had to get a man from the gas station to help put him in the car. He could barely walk. I brought him home and laid him on a quilt, which would be his to sleep on for a long time. Buster was so depressed. He dragged his tail, would not eat and going outside was a struggle. A visit to the Animal House , and Dr Heidi, who showed much compassion gave me good advice, and put him on pain medication for his arthritis. A good diet of meat (he had been on a vegan diet)'got him looking better and walking. Buster loved our family and neighbors and before long had everyone loving him.Two of the neighbor children came daily to walk or pet Buster. He waited for that time! Then they would share a banana Popsicle together. (Stick off) Buster was a handsome, stately and tall boy. When he stood up he looked like King of the Jungle. Buster wanted to ride in the family Jeep, which would never happen unless someone lifted him into the vehicle and lifted him out, so I went to Home Depot and talked to the manager, . who immediately took building a ramp for Buster as a mission. Since then we revised the ramp 3 times ending up with a nice short ramp that he loved, Buster had cancer....and had a large tumor removed from his jaw in the Fall. Dr. Heidi told me it would come back and was an aggressive type that would break up and be all over his body. Buster rallied from that surgery and had another Christmas with us, as well as Easter, and many rides to his favorite places which included friends at McDonald's as well as Arby's. Then came the downturn, where he didn't care to eat much, and moving was getting very hard. Dr. Heidi said there was no more we could do for Buster. His friends and family were there .to say "goodbye" and his best dog friend, Sunshine was with him too. Sunshine followed Buster to the Rainbow Bridge three days later. Busters ashes are sprinkled in the woods behind our house, where he watched the squirrels frolicking. Buster is not gone....He is the frog in the pond, or maybe the squirrel in the bush, the snowflake or maybe a duck in the mud? Or maybe running fast with no pain and playing with all the other puppies? I learned so much from Buster......patience, perseverance, saying Thank-you (even if only with eyes) and loyalty. Love to all and Buster