• Buddy
  • Dog ID: 12-025


August 16, 2018:

Buddy, our wonderful golden – aka The Budster or Budski, sadly passed away at the age of 14 in July. Buddy had been a forever foster with us for the past 6 years due to being born with a major medical condition, but you’d never guess that by looking at him.

Actually, Buddy was quite handsome and he liked to hear you tell him so. He loved all the sweet talk and the attention that came with it. Buddy was 8 years old when we first met him, and we didn’t quite know what to expect. He had a unique medical condition, a double-chambered right ventricle in his heart which made it pump harder than normal. After agreeing to become Buddy’s forever foster home, we wondered… How much care would he need? How far could we walk him, throw a ball, play, and what were his physical limitations?

Despite his health issue, he was a very happy dog. You could always expect to receive a standing greeting and gentle nudge whether you just got home from work, or you just ended a play session 5 minutes ago and he was already ready for some more. Being the elder Golden of the “household pack”, if you left his line of sight for too long, he’d be on the move making sure you were OK, but we really think he was making sure we were not doing something fun without him. He shared the house with his gal pal Reiner, (another Golden rescue from GRRoW).

The activity Buddy loved best was going on a walk twice a day. Oh the smells. His internal clock (sometimes very early in the morning) let us know when he was ready to go even if we weren’t. There he’d be, lined up at the door waiting patiently. We live on a street with many households that have dogs. Buddy was friends with all of them. He had his favorites, Walter, Libby, Ricco, Tessa and Max. He also had a special stop on his evening walk to visit with his two favorite kiddos as they were always excited to see him coming their way. They liked Buddy and (Reiner) so much that they were full page stars in the book the kids made of all their dog friends on the block. These visits were a perfect way to end the day.

We would always say to each other we wish dogs could talk. It would be so much easier to really know how things were going for them. But since they can’t, we followed his non-verbal communication cues the best we could to make sure he was happy, healthy and feeling the best he could during his time with us. There are dogs, and there are those dogs who are truly “special”. Buddy’s uniqueness, loyalty and friendship made him exceptional and he will be missed by all who had a chance to share some time with him, especially our 7 year old nephew, they were best buds. We miss his presence every day.

We want to give a special thanks to GRRoW for their love and support of Buddy and all of the Goldens they rescue. The GRRoW team is a group of truly remarkable people. If you are looking for an awesome cause to support by volunteering some of your time and/or giving a donation help cover vet expenses of those GRRoW dogs who are really in need, look no further than this organization.

To sum it up, a good friend and co-worker of ours said it best in a note of condolence:

“Dogs are so much more than just pets. They are living examples of how we should all live our lives. Sorry you lost one of life’s rudders.”

Missing you lots,

Mark, Sandy and Little Sister Reiner

April 28, 2018:

Buddy has been a forever foster with use for about 5 ½ years now. He had his annual heart scan and is doing just fine. Buddy will have his 14th birthday on April 4th. You’d never know by the way he looks (not too grey) and the way that he acts, that he’s up there in age. We continue to take him for dental cleanings, which are done while he’s awake since we don’t want to put him under anesthesia due to his heart condition. He’s a real trooper and lays there very patiently while the vet takes care of him.

We pamper him every day with lots of massages to keep him mobile and active. Buddy really enjoys all of the attention! We have a new after dinner “ride” that he seems to be enjoying. I recently made some new dog beds that Buddy lays on after dinner. Foster Dad sits on the floor with him and grabs a corner of the bed and turns it around, or slides it around on the hardwood floors. Buddy seems to think that this is a whole lot of fun. After a few “rides” he goes to the toy basket and starts pulling out all of his favorites to play with. Buddy still has great eye-mouth coordination and has fun playing keep away. He loves to collect all of the toys and then its “game over”.

Buddy had a fun summer, whether it’s hanging out on the boat or enjoying his 2 walks a day with his GRRoW pal, Reiner. He has some new lab friends down the street that he looks forward to meeting up with when we’re out. They have a fun time meeting and greeting and then Buddy’s on his way to keep taking in all the rest of the good smells on the block.

“Over-easy or scrambled” is how we start out every Saturday morning. Buddy’s new favorite weekend treat is scrambled eggs. Once the pan comes out of the cabinet, Buddy’s right behind you in the kitchen waiting for his order.

Buddy’s has a great easy-going personality and is always happy to see everyone. He’s a perfect fit for us and we look forward to continuing to care for him.

February 20th, 2017:

Buddy has been a forever foster with us for about 4 ½ years now. He has a double-chambered right ventricle, which doesn’t allow his heart to pump the blood as effectively as a dog with a normal heart. He has an annual heart scan to make sure that his heart isn’t getting any larger, that they don’t see any unusual arrhythmias and they also recheck his heart rate. In his latest appointment, his heart size stayed consistent from last year, and his heart rate was a bit elevated, but not to the point of having to worry. Buddy takes  medication every day to help his heart work as efficiently as possible, but other than that, he has the normal issues that a dog just about to turn 13 would have.

We’ve recently found a mobile groomer that comes to our home and grooms the dogs in a van in the driveway. Buddy enjoys this much more than being left at the traditional groomer. He only has to be in the van for a short period of time and then he’s right back in the house, looking good and smelling great. Plus, the reward treats are close by!

Buddy had a fun summer, whether it be retrieving toys from the lake, or relaxing on a boat ride with his GRRoW rescue gal Reiner, it didn’t matter as long as he was outside with everyone.

Buddy still goes for two walks a day with gal pal Reiner, although they’re at a little slower pace. Our six year old nephew from Missouri was up over Christmas and Buddy had a blast playing in the snow with him. Our nephew also enjoyed helping us get Buddy’s dinner ready and going on walks with him in the snow. When we were inside for playtime, Buddy enjoys showing off his goalie skills. He likes it when you get a bunch of his toys and throw them at him rapid-fire style. He’s incredibly quick and has great eye-mouth coordination! He’s very proud of his collection as you can see in the picture. There’s no loss of toys in this household for him to choose from.

Like many of the other forever fosters, Buddy’s picture was featured on one of the Benefit wine bottles this year. “Buddy’s Chardonnay” was a big hit with family and friends and a great way to help support GRRoW. We’re happy to showcase Buddy and this organization that does so much for these loveable goldens.

March 9th, 2016:

Buddy has been enjoying the mild Wisconsin winter as much as the rest of us. He hasn’t had to wear his boots too much this season, so he’s sooo happy about that! Buddy was a real trooper over Christmas and endured the shame of the reindeer antlers long enough for us to grab a picture to send off to our 4 yr old nephew. He was very happy that Buddy would be helping Santa out this year. One of Buddy’s favorite new Christmas presents is a squeaky angry bird toy. It’s got a lovely high-pitched squeak and it’s just the right size to take on walks with us (since there aren’t any apples to pick up this time of year). Buddy’s been enjoying walking on the frozen lake as well and it’s fun to watch him look into the ice fishing holes to see if there’s anything in there. Since the weather has been a lot nicer this season, Buddy’s been spending more time outside, anticipating the early spring. We went on a nice long trail walk this morning and he had a great time taking in all the new smells. He’s had a couple of chiropractic adjustments over the last few months and I think that’s really helped him stay perky as he’s reaching his 12th birthday. He’s also getting daily massages to keep him flexible and comfortable. Have I mentioned before that he’s pretty spoiled? We wouldn’t have it any other way!  

December 8th, 2015:

Buddy’s been keeping pretty busy since our last update. Walking twice a day in the beautiful fall weather has been great. Buddy brings home an apple on each walk, so by the end of the week, we have quite the stash here. The trick is to “recycle” them without him catching you! It was time for Buddy’s annual heart check, so we went to the cardiologist so they could scan his heart and determine if it was holding steady or if either side had started to increase in size. The doctor said that both sides of his heart were holding steady and we didn’t need to change anything about our routine. Buddy’s good to go for another year. The following week it was time for him to go to the groomer. He enjoys the car ride there, but doesn’t especially care for the whole grooming experience. Buddy  gives you the “I’ll tolerate this for you” look- but he expects lots of treats when we get home. What Buddy does enjoy is all the compliments he gets after – since he is so handsome and smells so good! Buddy’s been going visiting quite a bit and was more than happy to steal his favorite duck toy the last time he was at Grandmas house. See how proud he is in the latest picture.

August 19th, 2015 Update:

Buddy has had a fun couple of months this summer. He’s been enjoying longer walks on the trails, boat rides and playing frisbee in the yard. Buddy has had a few visitors to play with. Our 4 year old nephew spent lots of time throwing the tennis ball and squeaky balls with Buddy – until they were both tired out. Then we had our friends and their 5 kids over for another play and petting session. He got all the attention he could take in. Buddy also likes me to toss him toys when I’m doing my floor workouts in the morning. If I step out the room for a moment, he’s sure to make himself right at home on my mat!

June 24, 2015 Update:

Well Buddy has had a birthday since his last update, he’s now 11 years young. He’s a very springy boy for being 11, but you can see he’s just starting to turn a little grey on his nose. Buddy got a new squeaky ball for his present and he’s not letting that one out of his site. Good thing Reiner prefers the fuzzy toys that she can shake the tar out of. Buddy’s favorite morning ritual is to bring all the toys that Reiner left out in the yard, into the house. As you can see by the picture, he’s used to bringing in more than one at a time. His beagle friend “Walter” has also been coming over to play in the yard more and it’s fun to watch the two of them together – especially with the size difference! Hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend and Buddy can enjoy some pontoon rides this year. We’re all looking forward to the weather warming up!

March 12, 2015 Update:

I think like the rest of us, Buddy has had enough of winter and is so happy now that things are starting to warm up.

We were able to go for lots of walks out on the lake- and without his boots – boy that was the best! He loves being outside, taking in all the new smells and spring sounds. To start the year out right, Buddy paid a visit to the groomer. He really doesn’t like going to the groomer, he’s more nervous to go there than to the vet (which he loves by the way). But once he’s there, he follows the groomer around, jumps right in the tub and by the time he’s done – has had a great time. Buddy continues to be a good sport about having his teeth cleaned and he’s almost in maintenance mode. We continue to have lots of playtime before and after work along with morning and evening walks. Now that the days are getting longer, Buddy’s walks are too!

January 15, 2015 Update:

Buddy had a very eventful Christmas this year since our 3 ½ year old nephew came up from Missouri for 2 weeks over the holiday. Brock sure kept Buddy busy!He brought him lots of treats and Christmas presents which Buddy thought was awesome! Brock can throw a tennis ball pretty well and Buddy was happy to keep retrieving it for as long as Brock would stay outside with him. We also went on extra-long trail walks to try and burn off some of that energy a youngster comes with. Buddy was in heaven. I must say, he sure slept well after those outings with the nephew! Buddy got some new boots for the season, so he’s all set for the long Wisconsin winter. He really doesn’t like putting them on – but he certainly enjoys being able to take longer walks since his feet don’t get cold!We’re continuing to work on getting the tartar off his teeth, but other than that, I think we have most of his other medical issues in check. For being a 10 year old, he’s still pretty peppy and we hope he stays that way for quite some time. Buddy is just now starting to get a little grey around his muzzle. Other than that, no one ever guesses his age. I’m sure Buddy’s looking forward to a little warmer weather this weekend so he can spend a bit more time outside, exploring in the yard.


November 18, 2014 Update:

Well, we got Buddy's results from the heart monitor scan and his arrhythmia is nothing to worry about. We were very happy to hear that. He's now learning how to play frisbee. He's catching it pretty well when you throw it directly to him and is even starting to get the timing down when you have him run for it. We still need to work on the bringing it back to us part of it though. Our next project is to try and get Buddy to let us remove the years of tartar from his teeth and hopefully get rid of some of the "dog breath". Due to his heart condition, we don't want to put him under anesthesia, so we've got some gel that helps soften the tartar and are scraping his teeth little by little while he is awake. Typically, Buddy is a pretty easy going guy, but unfortunately, this is not one of his favorite things. We're going to need to be patient with this and go at it a little bit at a time. At least Buddy gets a treat and a big belly rub when we're done, so that seems to make everything alright.

September 11, 2014 Update:

Buddy had a great summer and is now enjoying all the fun that comes with early fall – chasing squirrels now that they are active hiding nuts for winter, picking up apples on our daily walks - I think they are falling too soon! He doesn’t eat them, just brings them home and leaves on the carpet for me to pick up. How nice! It was time for Buddy’s yearly heart scan, so we had that done last week. For the most part, things looked about the same except for a new arrhythmia that they discovered. So, it was back to the vet this week to wear a heart monitor placed for 24 hrs to see what they could find out about any repeating patterns. They took Buddy in the back and he came out wrapped up like a green tootsie roll! He has a camel hump where the actual monitor is placed and they put cute stickers all over his “wrapping”. He looks very cute. With it being Packer season, I was surprised that he didn’t come out with a big “G” on his side. Anyway – he’s quite the trooper and doesn’t seem to mind the extra wrapping at all. We go back today to have the monitor removed and then we’ll wait to see what his results are in a couple of weeks. This boy is the most relaxed, easy-going guy there is. We are hoping that this won’t be too serious because we sure love having him around. Trick-or-treat will be right around the corner and he loves seeing all the little kids all dressed up.

July 15, 2014 Update:

Now that summer is finally here, Buddy is finally enjoying walking on the trails near our house. There are lots of great smells and sometimes other dogs to meet, which is all quite fun for him. He’s also spent a lot of time with us out in the yard while we’re finally finishing up the gardening. He and Reiner are on constant chipmunk patrol and they have fun trying to trap them in the downspouts. Our 3 yr old nephew was in town for a couple of days and he and Buddy had great fun playing hide-and-seek out in the yard. Buddy does really well with kids or adults and it’s fun to mix it up a bit when we can. He’s a very gentle boy. The training is going slowly, but that’s ok, he’s always willing to give it a try and that’s all we ask.

May 5, 2014 Update:

Since our last update, Buddy has had his 10th birthday. You’d never know that he’s that old. He doesn’t have a lot of grey yet and he’s pretty peppy on our walks. He’s still very light on his feet – unlike his female companion – she’s a tank! He got a larger tennis ball that squeaks – he’s very excited about that new toy for sure. He’s even taken it on walks with us. We’re so happy that it’s finally starting to look like Spring. Buddy’s loving all the new smells that are in the air, although it makes our walks quite a bit longer! It seems like every 3 feet there is something wonderful to check out. If he’s really interested in it and thinks I’m rushing him, he will hit the dirt and he becomes a 70 lb paperweight. All the rain has made walking quite a production. Lots of extra drying off time needed in the morning and at night. Buddy loves that – he’ll stand there as long as you want him to for all the extra rubdowns. He’s looking forward to getting back to walking on the trails near our house. Hopefully this week things will be dried out and he’ll be able to explore all the good smells up there too. It’s much more fun than being relegated to walking on just the street for the whole winter. We’re continuing with the training and he’s catching on-slowly but surely. This boy will do anything for the special treats we use. Off to try some more now.

March 8, 2014 Update:

I am happy to report that Buddy’s eye has healed up just fine. No more cone, no more eye drops or pills – he is sooo happy! I know that he’s sick of the cold and the make-shift sweatshirt we make him wear when it’s below zero out. He’s as ready as the rest of us for this long winter to be over. We’ve been keeping him busy in the house with some new training – even though he’s an old dog, he’s a sport and trying to learn new tricks! He certainly doesn’t want to miss out on anything that involves treats. We play a lot of hide and seek and “go find it” as well. We’ve had a few days now where we’ve been able to walk without the boots, so that’s a treat as well. Today was a good grooming day with lots of brushing, ear cleaning and nail trimming. He’s all set to go for the week.

January 4, 2014 Update:

Buddy has been doing pretty well these last couple of months, except for some issues that he’s been having with his right eye. He has a lesion on his cornea (which could have come from rough playing with Reiner, or they occur naturally as well), so we’ve had quite a few visits to Dr Sue. It didn’t want to heal easily so we went to see an eye specialist last week. That Dr performed a more aggressive “scraping” of his cornea to get rid of the bad cells and initiate the healing process. He needs 2 different eye drops 4 times a day along with some pain meds two times a day and gets to wear the dreaded “cone of shame” for two weeks. He’s a tricky patient – since he doesn’t like you putting anything in his eyes, yes he has “eyelids of steel” and he is a master at eating everything but his pills. I think it’s just his way of getting more treats! Between the cone and the boots for our 2 walks a day – he’s quite the site! He still has the best disposition ever and we’re hoping everything heals up well for him this time. Our 3 yr old nephew came home over the Christmas holiday and made it a point to come and visit Buddy and bring him get well treats. Buddy loves the attention and is great with little ones. A very fun visit for all! All of us can’t wait for a longer break in the cold weather, so we can spend more time outside playing with all the other dogs out on the frozen lake.

November 10, 2013 Update:

Now that fall is here and the weather is a bit cooler, we’ve been enjoying longer trail walks and Buddy has found a new item to carry – apples! Where we now are exiting the trail, there are 6-10 apple trees, that have tennis ball-sized apples falling from them. He is fixated on getting at least one if not two in his mouth to carry home. He doesn’t eat them – just likes to carry them around – including in the house! We’ll have a calendar shot for sure. Buddy has also been included in a book that the two year old girl down the street put together of all her dog friends on the block. Buddy and Reiner were full page stars in the book. We’re happy to know that our GRRoW dogs are her favorite pals on the street. They are great ambassadors for the organization. Speaking of Reiner, the two of them are getting along just fine. She is learning her manners, so Buddy, who is always the gentleman, doesn’t get pushed out of the way all the time. He’s a great role model and extremely tolerant of her learning curve!

September 6, 2013 Update:

Things have been going quite well with Buddy. He is a sweet dog and everyone just loves him. I was at the gas station the other day and the man next to me commented on how he looks like Duke from the Busch baked bean commercials. I suppose he does – but I think he’s even cuter than the TV dog! He recently discovered the neighbor dogs chukka ball in our yard. It’s now one of his favorite toys (yes, I went out and bought him his own and returned the ball to Ollie). Buddy loves to bounce the ball himself and then go chase after it – very fun to watch. We’re still on our daily walking routine, with one new addition. We are fostering Reiner as well, a 3 year-old female that is shaking things up here a bit. Buddy gets along fine with her, as long as she sticks to the routine. I’m sure he’s wondering why he isn’t getting 100% of our attention anymore, and is trying to figure out how long this intruder will be in his space:) There is a 6 year and 15 pound difference between the dogs (Reiner is younger and bigger), but Buddy is a young 9, so he does engage in some play with her – which is fun to watch as long as they are outside vs the living room! They’re having a great time chasing chipmunks together – although I don’t think they’ll ever catch one. Buddy doesn’t want to share his toys, but Reiner doesn’t have any interest in them, so all is good. He’s a very good role model and she is already learning the “house rules” by watching Buddy – our pro! My 2 yr old nephew spent the day with Buddy a few weeks ago at the lake and both of them truly enjoyed each other. We did find out that Buddy does not like to swim. He’d walk into the water to get a toy – but he did not care to be in the water any longer than he needed to. He totally enjoys boat rides, or even just sitting on the boat if it’s tied to the pier, as long as he’s not in the water. Buddy went for his yearly heart scan and everything looked the same as last year, which is great news for the condition he has. We’ll be keeping him on his medication, diet and exercise routine and hope we get to foster him for years to come. We’re happy to be taking care of this guy and hope he enjoys having a pal to hang out with during the day with while we’re at work.

June 29, 2013 Update:

Well, winter has finally left us to be replaced by a lot of spring rain. Buddy gets very adamant about his 2 walk a day routine, so even when it’s pouring rain out, we’re out there pounding the pavement. He’s very good about getting toweled off when we get home - I think it’s because all the drying off is just another form of getting petted! Buddy’s favorite thing to do now is to take his daily walks on the trail. Lots of new smells (and sometimes little animals) to be exploring. A bunny hopped out of the long grass right in front of him yesterday and they both were startled. They locked eyes and the bunny turned and ran right back into the field. All I had to say was “leave it” and Buddy kept going on his way. I was very glad for that, as I was waiting for the chase to ensue with me in tow. Buddy enjoys being put side for walks and that’s about it. If we’re out working in the yard, he’d rather be inside hanging out on his bed with his toys. Buddy has a new friend down the street that likes to come visit him. She is 2 years old and just loves to come and see him. It’s very cute. We call Buddy “The Wiggler” because he’s always wagging his tail – no matter if he’s standing up, sitting down or laying down. He’s one happy boy!

February 10, 2013 Update:

Things have been pretty good here for Buddy these past couple of months. We have been watching a lump on Buddy’s neck since we first got him. We had noticed that it was getting larger and harder, so thought it was time to have it looked at once again. (We’d rather not put Buddy under any type of anesthesia due to his heart condition). Dr Sue was able to perform a punch biopsy and we found out that there was nothing to worry about. His lump is an a type of enlarged sweat gland, so that gives us great peace of mind. Buddy came home with a very stylish neck wrap to catch any extra bleeding. He’s a very tolerant boy, so he left his “ascot” on as long as we needed him to. It’s been snowing quite a bit now and with it being pretty cold as well, it was time to bring out the boots. At first Buddy was “frozen” after we put them on. Once he got going, he was a real pro. He likes being able to stay out in the snow longer and his feet are still nice and dry. We’ve been out on the lake quite a bit, and he is thoroughly enjoying all the new territory to explore. At first we thought that Buddy was just tolerating the boots. But recently we’ve caught him carrying one of his boots from where we take them off downstairs, to his bed upstairs. He’s done this a couple of times now and we just have to laugh. We are truly enjoying caring for this special boy!

December 27, 2012 Update:

It’s been a little while since our last update on Buddy, and things have been going quite well. Buddy is all settled in now and I can tell this because he’s become a bit more demanding – in that loveable golden way. He’s more insistent about lifting your hand up to pet him (yes he can tell when you’re just sitting there with nothing better to do than pet him). Buddy definitely knows what the signs are if you’re headed out somewhere and lines up at the door every time, just in case it is one of those lucky car ride days (He actually rides very well in the car, so if we can, we do take him along). He also knows the daily walk schedule and will come and get you for either the morning or nighttime walk if you’re not within a 15 minute window – yes, even on the weekends – there’s not a lot of sleeping in here! Since it has been pretty rainy over the last few months, and as I just said, we don’t miss our walks, Buddy has been very good natured about getting his “rubdown” when he comes in looking like a drowned rat. I think he just likes all the extra “petting”, even if it’s through a fluffy towel. Buddy was outside helping us do the Christmas decorating and has a new friend to help protect the house – Snoopy Santa. He wasn’t too keen on this new fixture at first, but after he got used to him – it was all good. Buddy was even a sport and kept his own Santa hat on for a minute or two before deciding that it needed to go. He seemed to like the jingle bell collar better for the official Christmas day dog treat delivery to all his friends on the block. We really got hit hard here with the snow, which Buddy doesn’t seem to mind one bit. We had to shovel out and area for him in the yard since it’s about 14”deep at our place. Buddy and I braved the trail today for the first time since the big snow – and luckily some cross-country skiers had packed things down a bit. Buddy forged ahead and enjoyed every minute of it! We’ve only tried the dog boots once, he doesn’t seem to need them at this time, but we’ll see what the next few months bring!

October 23, 2012 Update:

I am happy to report that Buddy went for his 3 month check-up at the cardiologist and his heart medication seems to be doing the trick. Although his issue will not ever go away, the medicine he is on is definitely helping his heart and in-turn, his overall stamina and spunkiness. We can now go for longer trail walks and he is up for more play time in the evenings. Buddy has spent a fair amount of time on the pontoon boat this summer and loves to get close to any type of waterfowl as we pass by. Luckily he has not tried to jump overboard to get at them!! We have also found dog treats that agree with his tummy and have since learned that Buddy will do almost anything for a cookie. He really works the angles – no cookies – no tricks! Smart dog-he’s learning how to rule the roost!

August 1, 2012 Update:

Well, it’s been a little over a month now that we’ve had Buddy and we’ve made some nice progress. Ear infection cleared up – check. Nose scabbing gone- check. Gained some weight – check. Tummy issues under control – check. Visited the groomer – check (now you can really see his beautiful dark red coat). We also visited the cardiologist to understand the cause of his heart murmur. What the Dr found was that Buddy actually has two right ventricles (most likely had this condition from birth). This make it harder on Buddy to push oxygen through his system, so we need to monitor the intensity of his activities and adjust accordingly. They have put Buddy on some heart medication to help with his condition. We’ll go back in a couple of months for a follow up appointment and see if things are stable or if we need to make any adjustments in his meds. Due to his condition, Buddy will be a forever foster. Surprisingly for an 8 year old with this very rare heart condition, Buddy is a happy and active boy. He loves to be outside and we’ve expanded our walking route to include some trails around our house. He loves all the new smells this new route brings. As for indoor activities, Buddy is an excellent goalie – extremely quick - not much gets by him as you can see in the updated pictures!

June 19, 2012 Update:

Buddy has been with us one week now and is settling in well. He is a very gentle boy and a true people pleaser! He’s enjoying his new routine of a couple walks a day and lots of toys to continually play with; although he’s not loving the ear drop routine – who would! He’s always happy to meet all the dogs in the neighborhood, and has been great interacting with each of them. Buddy has been gaining the much needed weight his frame should have, so it’s nice to see him look healthier than even a week ago. We’re off to the groomer this week as well as the cardiologist, so we’ll have lots to report in our next update.