• Dog ID: 06-084SN

September 29, 2014 Update

To complete what turned out to be a very difficult day, Let’s talk about old Sir Benjamin. He couldn't rise unaided, and he couldn't walk more than a few yards without falling on his face or having total hip collapses. This condition had been with him for far too long. Bowel control, iffy at best for months, was mostly gone. He had almost constant pain, barely controlled by pretty strong medications. His quality of life had gone to just about nil. His seizures have been quelled for some time, but he could no longer take even short walks without bad things happening. He had gone almost completely deaf, and cataracts were beginning to show. We haven’t slept well at night knowing of two dogs in serious distress. Accordingly, after consultation with and affirmation by his vet of many seasons, Ben joined Winston a little later in the afternoon. Losing two furry buddies in one year is tough. Two in the same week (or in our case – same day) is well nigh unimaginable. Perhaps it was better to help Ben along while we were still in a daze after saying good bye to Winston. The thought of turning out those lights in his eyes was too much to contemplate. These two furry buddies have brought us great pleasure – along with a deserved measure of grief here and there. I hope we were worthy of their unconditional love. We tried to do right by them. They did their best to make life a little more complete. They succeeded.