• Dog ID: 03-106

Dear Grrow- I have attached a picture and a poem of my dog Ashley, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Her Grrow ID was W03-106. I had eleven wonderful years with her and am forever grateful to Grrow and Janet (her foster mom) for the incredible gift that she was to me. I knew one in different guise A Golden Life Celestial angels interceding on our behalf take many forms furry and flop-eared flutter of wings replaced by a wagging tail Unwavering ecstasy upon entering the door Paws sliding across the wood floor whole body quivering with delight as if seeing me for the first time And what do Golden angels do? They carry us through storms, calm and comfort in the dark corners of the night when shadows fall across your soul They stay in the space of the immediate present never worrying about the uncertain future despite our desperate longing to make joy complete unmarred by the past And do angels know when it's time to leave to keep them here? Sharon Daly- in remembrance of Ashley- thank you Grrow!