• Dog ID: 14-006

With great sadness and lots of tears, I wanted everyone to know that sweet Annica passed peacefully, surrounded by much love Friday morning (01/24/14). It was sudden as there were no behavioral or physical changes until that morning when she didn’t want to eat or go outside. She got up and walked into the living room and lied down. Her foster Mom followed her and sat down next to her, patting and talking to her. She passed a few minutes later. Her two dog buddies who had been looking after her came in to say goodbye. It was as if Annica had experienced such happiness, including enjoying her treat balls for hours, and love in her foster home, she was now ready to pass to the Rainbow Bridge. Although she was with her foster family for less than three weeks, she touched the hearts of everyone she met. We are thankful to have known her and will miss her dearly.