• Maggie

  • Dog ID: 17-010


December 23, 2018:

Maggie crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. She lived for two wonderful years with us. We so loved her spicy personality. She will be missed.

August 1, 2017:

Maggie has been adopted by her foster family.

June 4th, 2017:

Maggie is still in foster care while her crusty nose is being sorted out. She has a persistent infection in one nostril. We are waiting on biopsy results to confirm that it is only an infection. Meanwhile, she is being a good sport with all the attention to this very tender part of her face.

It is hard to believe she will be 12 in July. She was caught squeezing out the cat door on the deck to get to the backyard. She accomplished this twice before we caught on to her trick. Maggie is not a small golden, weighing in at 70 pounds with a svelte waist. So, the cat door is shut and the cats have a new way to get outside. She is very spry!

April 20th, 2017:

Maggie has been at her foster home for two weeks now. She was able to feel comfortable within a short period of time. She now charms everyone in the household with her beautiful caramel colored eyes that match her gorgeous coat. And, those eyebrows get a good workout as she stares deeply into your eyes. She loves to go on walks and hang out with the family. She has even charmed the resident cat, who is not a fan of fostering dogs.

Maggie is an itchy girl. Her ears are itchy and her belly is itchy. In addition to enjoying lots of scratching from everyone, she has been loving the omega 3 oil treats and new dog food. This new diet seems to be helpful. She will visit the vet soon and, hopefully, the itchiness will be resolved.

April 4th, 2017:

Maggie is new in foster care. More information will follow.