• Ringo
  • Dog ID: 02-000


June 4th 2017:

Over 15 years ago, we adopted our golden from you. I knew that he was meant for us the moment we meant. it was love at first sight for sure!!! I wanted to thank you for blessing us with the most handsome, most gentle dog i have ever met! He was over 16 years old. We did the hardest thing ever today. He could hardly walk anymore and the vet said his muscles were starting to atrophy, Yet, our little angel tried to comfort us up to the very end. We all stayed with him up till the end no matter how hard it was for us to let him go. It was even harder for me to walk out of the room. I know he is at peace, I know how deeply we loved him and he loved us. He was an amazing creature who blessed us every single day. Thank you all for what you do. Thank you all for giving us our Ringo. My life is so much better having had him in it.