• Molly
  • Dog ID: 07-049


March 21st, 2017:

Molly went to join her sisters at the rainbow bridge on March 16th. Our household is devistated by her passing, the house is empty without her vibrant and energetic presence. Below is the post I wrote for Facebook, you may share it if you'd like.

Molly entered my life in 2007 as a 6 month old puppy with bad hips. She was already an extraordinarily smart and well behaved dog at that stage, but needed surgery to help her lead a more mobile life without pain. I volunteered to be Molly’s foster home throughout the process of her hip replacement, and fell in love with her energy and loving nature, despite the pain that she was enduring. As soon as she was finished with her surgery and available for adoption, I made her a permanent member of our family.
As time went on, she became a friend and companion to my other goldens, a running partner to me, and a friend to all who met her at GRRoW “Community Days” events at the West Madison Boston Store. She’d often greet those she loved with her “helicopter tail” wagging, and a drool-covered toy in her mouth. She had a true gift for improving my mood on bad days, often planting a wet kiss on my cheek when I would sit next to her on the floor, and making good days better through her infectious joy and playfulness. Even late in her life, she loved going to Dogtopia (giving the puppies and young dogs a run for their money), and chasing after wildlife in the yard.
Recently, she seemed to be a bit more lethargic, and a bit pickier about what she ate. A handful of vet visits didn’t initially reveal anything, but we soon learned that she had developed an aggressive form of cancer that was too extensive to treat. Even in her last days, she continued to be the happy energetic dog we all had grown to love. There was never a snow bank that didn’t get rolled in, or a toy that didn’t get chewed on and carried to her ottoman. Her unconditional love and joy for life made a lasting impression on anyone she met and will continue to live on in our hearts and minds forever.