• Kokomo/Jack
  • Dog ID: 12-057
  • Gender: Male


August 13th, 2017:

Jack came to live with us in mid to late March. He joined a family of two rescue cats who had been there to keep our latest rescue, Winnie company.

Jack, or Jackie Jack, Snickerdoodle dog, or Stinker was 100 pounds of love. He had his own means of communicating and it was not a bark, more like a conversation without punctuation. It took some time to learn his expressions, but his face, tone and words eventually became a part of our everyday conversation.

He love to chase squirrels but was not very good at it. I believe he preferred his own company although Gus, the orange and white cat tried on many occasions to win him over. Jack would not walk up stairs so we would sleep in the family room. By morning, I would awaken to find my 100 pounds of love cuddling with me on the sectional. I would try to move him but he feigned deafness and refused to move.

He cried during loud storms and the once place he found refuge was in the back seat of our car. Yes, he would lay out in the back seat and I would play tunes while the heat or air conditioning ran to maintain his comfort. We held on to each other and somehow that took the fear out whatever it was that scared him.

Jackie Jack was a big dog and had an equally pig personality. He tried to stay with me as long as he could but you know when it is the time to let them be relieved of the pain and suffering they may be in. I will always have those last moments when he kissed me and shook my hand. It was our see ya later.
Mary Medd