• Halle
  • Dog ID: 06-019


Feb 25th, 2017:

To the GRRoW community it is with a very heavy heart that I have to report that Halle 06-019 crossed the rainbow bridge on Thursday 2/23/2017. She was just short of 14 years and 2 months of age. She suffered a seizure or stroke suddenly on Wednesday morning and did not recover. Way back in 2006 when Cheryl took a chance on Nancy and I by adopting out Halle to us little did we know how involved we would become with GRRoW. We knew nothing of GRRoW at the time but that quickly changed being so thankful for getting her we both jumped in to help GRRoW. Halle was a fixture at the local Mounds meet & greets as well as numerous parades and events. She was a veteran of over 100 home visits back in our hay days when we were getting 300 + apps a year. She was a true ambassador for GRRoW, always wagging her tail and happily greeted anyone that needed a pet.
She was loved by all and is terribly missed already.
The attached picture is from Jan of 2017 on her 14th birthday.
Scott Miller