• Hailey
  • Dog ID: 15-012


Feb 28th, 2017:

Hailey fought a good fight and enjoyed the few years she had with three amazing forever foster families. While she was able to fight through chemo, diabetes, and at the end blindness, the cancer returned to this gracious lady. She crossed the rainbow bridge after a few quiet days bonding with her forever foster. Hailey will be remembered in so many ways by so many GRRoW members who had a hand in addressing her needs. At the end of her journey she was with just the right care giver who knew just what she needed to make the journey to the bridge. Hailey thanks all of the GRRoW folks who gave her a second chance, including the unbelievable ramp so she could swim and play catch in the Wisconsin River.

Feb 5, 2017
January found us with a few more accidents and a visit to the vet to see if there were obvious problems that needed addressing as Hailey had previously experienced bladder stones and we wanted to make sure they hadn't returned. They hadn't. Realize that more barriers have to be put into place when I am away from the house. Am also opening to the idea that perhaps dog diapers might be something to consider. Most accidents happen while I'm away. I tend to take her out frequently, especially on those warmer winter days. She loves to be on walks, to eat snow, and is willing to walk under a variety of winter weather conditions. She is so even tempered. She sleeps a bit more lately and has taken a deeper liking to her soft toys now that she is not able to chase after balls. Her appetite is great. She does not beg for food. She is great with people coming to the house, although she does assume they are coming to see her. She's great company and even though she no longer sees, she moves her eyes around as though she is following everything you are saying. She's a joy!!!

January 5, 2017
We've had a few medical emergencies since her arrival in May but Hailey continues to thrive, grow through whatever has happened and maintain a wonderful disposition. She is very friendly with everyone. She a pretty serious ear infection/allergy reaction a couple of months back which the vet believes caused some residual neurological issues that really aren't that noticeable and don't require further attention. What it did do is escalate her cataracts and now she is completely blind. A bit of an adjustment as she has loved seeing and catching balls in the air was something she took great pride in. She has had to redefine "play" for herself and although it took a couple of weeks for her to adjust to not seeing, she has made great progress and is a great role model for adjusting to adversity. I've learned much from this dog and she continues to bring laughter to this household with her antics. She is very determined and her OCD is still present, regardless of her loss of sight. The extreme cold has limited out walks outside for the time being and by next week we should be back to our twice daily long walks. Thankful that I've had a blind dog in the past as the "old tricks" came back to me rather quickly and Hailey didn't have to pay such a high price in my learning curve.  

October 10, 2016

Hailey continues to be her funny self. I don't remember laughing this much before she arrived. She has added great enjoyment and brevity to this household. She adapts to the routines that change from time to time. Her adaptability is really a strength. She does have an "air" about her and a look when she wants something and I'm not jumping up to get it for her. She expects me to read her thoughts to minimize her effort. Thankfully, I'm not tempted to go down that road with her. She continues to do very well at my home office and has learned that when I have the leash on her in the house, she is to lay down quietly while clients are here after greeting them when they arrive. Resting quietly for the hour is not difficult for her to do. When the leash comes off, she knows she is free to roam or play with her toys. Another great month!

September 6th, 2016:

We've had a great month! She loves her routines and at times isn't crazy about being flexible with the schedule. She continues to do well in meeting new dogs on our walks and seems to enjoy their owners far better. The light at both ends of the day supports long walks for us but we will eventually switch to flashlights to keep our exercise routine up. Longer road trip this past weekend and since we were in the car for a four hour stretch instead of a few minutes here and there, she sat up most of the way. She has longer periods of quiet moments and other times when she just wants to play catch. We did sustain a first bee sting this past weekend. The groomer found it, took it out, and is now being treated with Benadryl unless there are noticeable changes. A few phone calls to the vets office and for now, no office visit or prescription.

July 28th, 2016:

Overall we've had a great month. Have a local park that allows dogs to swim in the lake from 6-9am, which Hailey loved and made good use of my 30' tether. She loves it!!

We have started testing her glucose levels with urine strips. We have been able to test with urine and adjust insulin for better control numbers. Testing will continue at the rate of once or twice each week to make sure she is stable. Really trying to avoid any more pricks to this little girl so will continue testing with urine strips. My vet is wonderful and does phone consultations without charge! What a wonderful help!

Something got into her system yesterday and we had vomiting throughout the day/evening. Back in relationship with my local steam cleaner guy who understands that he's going to be called more for emergencies than ongoing care of my carpets. The vet recommended no insulin last evening as she hadn't eaten and seemed to have no interest, regardless of what was offered. That is not Hailey at all. I lined my bedroom floor with sheets/blankets/towels, just in case. No incidents in the night. We've just come in from a walk and "all systems go". She ate breakfast and was given her insulin. Not as perky, as her usual....but way better than yesterday. Scary to realize how quickly I've fallen in love and even though I understand risks on an intellectual level, she has burrowed deep into my heart and I'm going to fight to keep her going. Kept my prayer chain going yesterday!

Other than yesterday, she is doing great. She is fabulous with my clients here at the house, great with friends who stop by, and is somewhat disappointed if a fellow walker/jogger "doesn't want to be her best friend" but she still has plenty of fans and is doing great public relations for GRRoW.

June 1st, 2016:

Hailey had to be moved to a new forever foster (only due to severe allergies of a family member in her prior forever foster.) Here is the first report from her new foster home: Hailey arrived one week ago today and to observe her, one would think she's been here for years! She has adapted well to her new home, eats and sleeps well, and easily adapts to new routines. She is a delight! She is funny, very playful and has a way to engage others in her play. I haven't laughed this much in years. She rides in the car well, she has done well greeting other dogs on our walks and is friendly when someone is at the door. She is very respectful when clients are here at the house. I'm going to put off grooming until she has been here for a couple more weeks as there has been plenty of adjustments for her to deal with in one week. An extension for my dock is being created so she can easily go in and out of the water and I've secured a very long training leash that will allow her to enjoy swimming and me to continue to have the control. Hailey is doing great and I am enjoying her tremendously!

January 4th, 2015:

In the two months since Hailey moved to her forever foster home, she has really relaxed and settled in. Her days are a mix of walks, play and long naps...a very tough life! It has become a common sight to see her curled up on her bed with a tabby cat snuggled close, day or night. The recent snow brought out Hailey’s playful side as she tried to “catch and fetch” each shovelful that was scooped from the sidewalk, barking and jumping like a puppy! Sometimes it is really hard to believe that this sweet girl has chronic health problems!

Speaking of her health, Hailey got a thumbs-up at her second post-chemo checkup recently. So far there is no evidence of tumor recurrence or a spread to other organs! Her diabetes also seems to be stable, but her vision continues to worsen. She navigates well though, except on stairs, where her depth perception tends to fail her. Because of this, gated stairs are now the household norm and we are working on crate training, so Hailey can stay safe when home alone. The current question is will Hailey ever put all four paws in the crate at the same time? Or is she playing her foster mom in order to have more and better treats tossed into the crate? Time will tell!

November 3rd, 2015:

Hailey recently moved to her forever foster home and is doing well. Hailey enjoys long walks morning and evening and will chase and fetch a squeaky ball endlessly! Days that include car rides are extra-special and Hailey loves to quietly watch out the window as the world passes by. She has three cats as foster siblings now and, after some initial wariness, is becoming more curious about them, but is always gentle and respectful. Moving means making new friends of both the canine and human variety, and here too, Hailey has been perfectly polite and gentle. Once the sniffing ends she races and dashes like a youngster, happy to have another dog to play with! Once she is home again she is happy to curl up in a cozy spot and enjoy a restorative nap. Moving also means new house rules and words, but this smart girl has picked things up very quickly! From the start, Hailey has been trustworthy when home alone in her new surroundings. She is a joy to have in the family! Great news--Hailey just had her first post-chemo checkup and passed with flying colors! Her diabetes also seems to be stable. She still requires insulin twice each day, and is a perfect angel about getting her injections. Her vision is a little cloudy which probably accounts for her caution when descending stairs. Every day is a great gift, a new beginning and Hailey is going to play and chase through each day she is given.

July 13, 2015:

Happy almost birthday to me! I'll be nine on the 15th.   Got a little bit of sad news…the mass they removed was cancerous. Bleh, yucky! Long story short, I started chemo and hopefully will see my 11th birthday. So far it’s not too bad…the doctor said dogs have cast-iron stomachs, so we’ll just roll with it (not in it). In fact, I went swimming the next day, and I haven’t left any food in my bowl yet! Though the vacuum would appreciate a break, I will not lose my hair either, so na na nanny boo-boo.   I am a happy girl and just glad to be here. My story could have been over had GRRoW not rescued me, or given me the care of wonderful, loving doctors. Every day is a blessing, so I am gonna run ‘til I can’t run no more. I’m gonna set records for slobbering tennis balls, and soak up the sun. I am so happy to have pals that sleep, play, and swim with me. Maybe I’ll let them win once in a while when momma throws the ball way out. I’ve got time…14 dog years…to make the best of it. The best a dog could ever have. Who’s rootin’ for me?

June 29, 2015:

I've been a busy girl! You may have seen on the news a little while ago that I am on regular dog food and eating on my own. This is a milestone since I didn't eat much for the three weeks following my surrender, and after that had to be weaned off of people food. My foster mom was very patient and I figured if she loved me that much, I should give it a try. You know? It wasn't that bad! Now I eat with the pack and crunch crunch crunch with the best of them.

My diabetes is more under control. I spent a week wearing an electronic glucose monitor and couldn't help looking cute with the T-shirt I wore to cover it and the bald spot where they put it. It's not really a spot, but the shape of Utah. Luckily not the size of Utah, though, and my fur is growing back. Because I couldn't get wet while wearing the monitor, I had to miss aqua therapy and couldn't splash the nice lady. I'll make up for it next time, though.

I had surgery to remove bladder stones and a growth in my lower intestine. Now I am all healed up... sorry I haven't written sooner. I have been so good with all the different vet visits because I know they're helping me. I love the car rides, too! Not to change the subject, but did I tell you that my face is smushy and that I love to cuddle?

May 7, 2015:

It’s hard to believe that I’ve lost around 15 pounds in two months! I have almost totally switched over to dog food now and am eating better on my own. The vet is helping us find the correct insulin dose, which will get me one step closer to being adopted. I’m really good at taking the shots.

I go to water therapy once a week to help with some discomfort I have in my hips. The nice lady there says I’m a natural, even though I’ve splashed her a few times and sometimes try swimming instead of walking on the underwater treadmill. I hope it gets warm soon so I can go swimming for real.

I’ve seen the chiropractor a few times too to make sure my hips are in top notch shape for all this exercise I’m getting. I’m moving so much easier, that it was only a matter of time before I rediscovered my retriever roots and played fetch with gusto. In fact, I feel so good now, I’m the one telling my fosters it’s time to walk! 
I love going for car rides and playing with my foster sisters. Besides wrestling and hanging out together, we go on adventures, stretch out in the warm sun or on the cool grass together, and sleep together like a pack. I can’t wait to bring my special brand of sunshine to a new family!

March 25, 2015:

Howdy! My name is Hailey, and I just love going for walks. I have a little arthritis and am a little overweight, so I can't go as far as I would like right now, but I hope to be in better shape, soon. I am also getting used to dog food, as I received a little too much people food in the past. At the time, it didn't seem like such a bad thing.

I love being outside, exploring, and observing. Squirrels and burglars beware, I am on the lookout and alert appropriately. Sometimes I might bark a little at another dog across the street, but if they are near me I am quiet and just want to say hello. I don't pull or go crazy, so everyone... dog and human alike...who meets me says I am a sweetie.

I don't mind the shots or tests needed to get my Diabetes under control. I have a little sensitivity around my back legs, probably from the arthritis, but the walks and massages are helping. I am learning to play with my humans and hope to play more with my sisters as they get used to me. As an only child, I was a little crabby when we first met, but they know I am a good girl and everyday we do more things together. On walks, they show me where there's something good to sniff, and we take turns playing fetch. I miss the pot roast and ham sandwiches, but love the love.

March 10, 2015:

Hailey is new in foster care. She will have a vet visit to set up her diabetes care. Updates to come soon.