• Gilda
  • Dog ID: 17-039


October 17, 2017:

Gilda's health declined over a weekend and she was euthanized on a Tuesday. She had a tumor on her throat. I have to thank her new home, Allison, for acting quickly and taking her in and for all the driving she did to get her from and to us. It was heartbreaking to see the difference in how she was from Saturday till Tuesday.   

September 11, 2017:

Gilda is doing very well. She is extremely active for her age. I have taken her for up to 4 miles. She could use a running partner as she loves to run. She would do best with a fenced in yard since she has selective hearing. If she is out and about sniffing she will not come when called. If she is in the fenced in area of our yard she will. She has a high prey drive too so another reason for a fenced in yard. She sleeps on a dog bed in our room or on the floor with her feet on the wall. She is quite the talker and barks often. She loves to be petted and brushed.

Her skin is looking much better. Her ear infection is almost cleared up. She does not itch as much either. She is still on her antibiotic; ketaconozole, apoquel and we are weaning off of prednisone. Eventually we are shooting for just the allergy med apoquel. She has another re-check with the vet tomorrow.

August 22, 2017:

When I went to pick up Gilda I saw a dog in great need of our help. She was a hot mess....sores all over her body, itchy beyond belief, and her ears were so infected that the canals were barely open. I took her home and bathed her two days in a row and got her in at the vet on Monday. She is on a cocktail of ketoconazole, prednisone, baytril in the ears, an antibiotic for a staph skin infection and Zyrtec. By Thursday she is looking so much better. Her skin is clearing up and I can finally fit a q-tip into her ears. She no longer eats herself or drags herself on the carpet at our house. She even has graduated out of her t-shirt.

Here's what I have learned about Gilda:
1. chases chickens like she is a young pup
2. can still walk several miles and even pulls in the beginning
3. LOVES food and I have to give her her dish first. She whines until I do.
4. NO CATS: would chase and nibbles on them
5. Does great with kids
6. Takes her pills well when put on top of her food
7. very tolerant of other dogs even Murphy how was latched onto her for the first week.