• Chloe
  • Dog ID: 17-007
  • Gender: Female/Spayed


July 16th, 2017:

On Wednesday Chloe was full of life and sass. By Friday her health took a turn for the worse. I spent the night sleeping next to her. I woke at every move she made. I snuggled up to her and made sure she felt loved. On Saturday she collapsed. She had a possible tumor near or on her heart and had fluid around her heart. The best choice for her was euthansia. Chloe came into GRRoW with a cancerous tumor on her toe. We had it removed and she lived a full six months after that. She enjoyed eating and teaching the other dogs to eat our asparagus, swimming and going for walks. When I would come home she would bark at me. Now there will be silence. Thank you to her previous owner for giving me the time with her. I enjoyed every moment.

May 23th, 2017:

Chloe is doing very well. She has taught all the dogs to eat our asparagus so we had to put a fence around it. It took two days for her to find a little spot where we forgot to attach the fence and she was having her full of asparagus. She is enjoying short walks with the other senior dogs in the house. She loves to sleep on the couch. Unfortunately, her foot where the cancer was removed is tender to the touch. I will have to keep an eye on it to see if it has returned. Otherwise she is enjoying her life on the farmette. 

April 20th, 2017:

Chloe's doing very well. It has been two weeks post surgery and she finally has graduated out of the cone collar. Let's say she is quite the licker. The stitches came out last night. Her biopsy came back and it is most likely a malignant melanoma. My vet got the whole toe and tumor so it was complete excised. However, this cancer is likely to spread elsewhere. Between the cancer and being heartworm positive she has retired at the Rice household.

This gal is a delight. I haven't seen a 13 yr old with such energy. She loves to walk around the yard and now we will take her on walks. She is quite the licker and you can get a full bath if she would let you. Likes to ride in the car. I cannot wait to get her somewhere where she can go in the water. I guess she was quite the swimmer in her early years.

March 11th, 2017:

We picked up Chloe on Saturday. She fits in wonderfully. She loves to be petted and will push her way through the other dogs to get her share. She eats very well. So far she has figured out the dog doors and will come in on her own. She is an easy keeper so far. She sleeps most of the time. She does like to wander around our yard and take in the sights.

We went to the vet. The good news: her blood work(other than heartworm) looks fabulous. Her cancer has not spread to the lungs and is localized to the foot/toe. She is in good physical condition.

Bad news: she is heartworm positive. She is too old to go through treatment. However, I just found out that she does not have any microfilia (yippee). She just has some adult worms so it is early on.