Maddie 16-060SN

August 11, 2014 Update:

This is to let you know the sad news that Maddie has passed away as of last Sunday night. She came into our home placed by Andrea Stephenson. I knew taking an older dog would likely mean she would not be with us long, but she brought so much love and joy to our home it was worth it. We sustained extensive medical bills during her time with us, and nearly lost her in January 2013, but she survived and carried on. I often tell people she is my million dollar dog. I saved her life and she once saved mine (due to diabetic low in the night that she woke me up and alerted me to). We greatly miss Maddie but the emergency care Dr agreed it was then time to put her out of her suffering when she was passing puddles of blood on top of ongoing vomiting. It is suspected she had cancer but that prognosis was never confirmed despite extensive testing over the last 3 months.