Dexter 10-030 | Memorial | GRRoW

Dexter came to our family in Summer of 2010 as a senior Golden. A very big boy, Dexter had a unique personality from the start. There was a confidence to his stride that suggested how much he must have been loved by his family before us. He learned to adjust to city life, fenced yards, and walks on leashes. Dexter loved his Kong, oranges, bananas, and could fetch—obsessively! Sadly arthritis set in over the years and Dexter passed in April 2015. As someone else here said, “Love big, hurt hard,” and loving a senior golden means saying goodbye sooner than you’d like.

We miss him every day still, but wouldn’t have missed the chance to get to know this wonderful goof of a dog. He was so loved and I am grateful that we had the chance to love him through the end. Dexter in Five Words: King Kong. Comical. Orange Joy.

Shane 13-047 | Memorial | GRRoW

He was absolutely one of the sweetest and smartest dogs that we've ever had. We knew from the start that he was a gift and that we couldn't control the amount of time that we would be granted with him. Because he had lived in a breeder's kennel for 12 years and his surrendering owners had said that he was14 (he turned out to be 12 from his AKC paperwork), we adopted him so that he would have a loving forever home and we had the wishful goal of his reaching his 14 birthday. With great vet support from the Lodi Veterinary Clinic, he celebrated his 14th birthday last week on January 22nd. He was healthy and happy up until this past week. I guess you can't ask for more than that.

Princess | Memorial | GRRoW

Princess came into our family July 4th 2006 when she was four years old. She fit in very well with our family and touched everybody's heart. She loved every one she met and was calm and gentle as well. She always loved being petted and playing with her many different toys. She still is a big part of our family and even after this time without her we miss her everyday and still expect for her to meet us at the door. It was a very sad day when she left us on April 18th 2015 due to lymphoma. The GRRoW organization was the best to work with and maybe someday we will get another. Princess's Loving Family

Meg 06-039 | Memorial | GRRoW

Meg came into GRROW at a time when I was the foster coordinator. Due to some undesirable traits (per the owner) I couldn't find a foster home for her. Since I recently had to put our beloved family dog down, I took Meg. What can I say, within a few days I knew I had become a "Foster Failure". Meg was ours. She had no undesirable traits, she just needed love and attention.
Late this fall Megs health began to fail. After many tests and consultations with specialists, the only diagnosis they could come up with was the dreaded Mast cell tumors. With some medication and pain pills Meg was able to spring back a little bit and was with us for another few weeks or so. That last weekend she told us that she was tired and it was time to go. She went to the bridge to join all the others before her on 11-23-15. She is missed everyday.

Meg's Loving Family

Marvin (Reagan) | Memorial | GRRoW

I adopted Marvin (renamed to Reagan) in 2004. He died December 2, 2015. He was part of our family for 11+ years and was the best dog I have ever had. Thank you very much for entrusting me with this very special dog. The Kromm, Family


Happy Thanksgiving | Thankful for Golden's and all our volunteer's and supporters! | GRRoW

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here with GRRoW! Enjoy your time together and be safe!