Happy Dogs

Angela 16-029PR | Happy Dog Update | GRRoW

November 19th, 2016:

The Little Princess continues to blossom and grow every day. Lately she's been stepping out of her comfort zone and even asks to go along on rides. Over the weekend we stopped at a small local pet store to pick up a bag of food, and while there were all sorts of smells of other dogs that seemed a little scary, the smell of yummy treats and good food won out. (That and we were only there for about five minutes!) Bella seems to really enjoy making people friends. She squeaks and seeks attention from anyone one who is willing to offer it (very much like my last Golden -- I would swear he'd let a burglar in to the house and show them the valuables as long as he'd get a pat on the head!) Other four-legged friends are sort of hit-and-miss, so we approach those friendships very cautiously. It seems that as long as she meets a new dog on "their" turf she is more apt to not be stinky about it. If, however, you are coming in to HER castle, she will pout (yes, pout!) if another dog is getting her attention. Bella is very observant and while Miley the day-care-dog is not her favorite friend, she seems to have watched the joy that Miley finds in life and she has started exhibiting some of Miley's silly, happy behavior (only when Miley is not around ) Meaning, she has started running around the yard and teasing with you. She "dances" for her dinner every night and is becoming more and more animated with me during our little ritual, which always end by sitting like a lady before her dinner is presented to her. She definitely knows her name and is learning some simple commands. "Sit" is a gold star task. "Come" is getting there, especially if a whistle is used. "Stay" -- well, we still have work to do, okay? The leash still isn't a favorite, but pink is indeed a Princess's color and as long as it doesn't stay on long, is tolerable. On nice days, outside is a good place to be and there are favorite garden spots to check if Bella isn't immediately sited. She loves to explore the fenced in yard and was even observed giving a bunny a chase just the other day! Almost no more crawling... only on rare occasions when she is intimidated for some reason, or scared... but fewer and fewer observations of that behavior. It is truly a blessing to watch this little girl grow in confidence. She is very happy and content most of the time. The only time she fusses seems to be if there is a time she can't go along on a ride and needs to stay home. We have had no bathroom accidents, no behavior accidents, only a snappy incident with Miley -- never at any other time or with any other animal (still watching that though -- work to do in socialization -- but slowly but surely coming along). Bella is a joy, and it is indeed an honor to be entrusted with her care. To tell the truth -- it's not just Bella who is blossoming .