Alexander and Canela | Active Dog Update | GRRoW

Happy Monday from Alex and Canela, our foster pups! We took them in back in August and they are clearly feeling better these days after we got all of their medical issues cleared up. They LOVE people of all ages, but Canela is not such a fan of other dogs. So, we are working with a trainer to help her deal with her anxiety and be able to enjoy her walks when other dogs are present. Alex is a big, goofy, giant ball of fur who loves casual walks and the occasional romp in the backyard while Canela is high speed, and loves to chase a tennis ball as much as she loves being petted and groomed. They are both very sweet dogs!

Will 16-049 I Happy Dog Update I GRROW

October 14, 2016

Will is a delight. Still very easy. He did very well at Boston Store. A one year old laid his head on him and gave him kisses. He didn't do a thing. His hair is growing back in the areas that had scabs on them. He is still on allergy meds until a hard frost. He seems to have a mind of his own. On walks if he doesn't want to come on the side of the road (he prefers to walk in the middle) we have to pull him in. He will not come willingly. Also, if he is outside and busy he will walk away from us. However, we are not sure he can hear. There are times I think he can but for the most part we think he has hearing loss. He loves to be brushed and petted.