Oscar 16-034| Active Dog Update| GRRoW

Oscar has made great progress with his allergy management. At his last vet appointment, he “graduated” to a long term maintenance program. Oscar will need to continue to adhere to a strict diet that avoids all his trigger foods. He’ll likely need Apoquel pills and twice weekly staph lysate shots (given at home) to manage his other allergies. He successfully completed his 16-week twice weekly staph lysate injections to build up his tolerance to the naturally occurring staph on his skin. Oscar will never be a ‘water dog’ as he needs to be completely dried as soon as possible after he has a bath or gets wet. But he doesn’t mind. Running after tennis balls is more his style. He has always been a happy dog, but he’s even happier now that his allergies are under control and he’s comfortable. He is a fast runner and often jumps and catches a tennis ball while it’s still in the air. He’s an easy-going guy who is finally ready to find his forever home.