Dexter 10-030 | Memorial | GRRoW

Dexter came to our family in Summer of 2010 as a senior Golden. A very big boy, Dexter had a unique personality from the start. There was a confidence to his stride that suggested how much he must have been loved by his family before us. He learned to adjust to city life, fenced yards, and walks on leashes. Dexter loved his Kong, oranges, bananas, and could fetch—obsessively! Sadly arthritis set in over the years and Dexter passed in April 2015. As someone else here said, “Love big, hurt hard,” and loving a senior golden means saying goodbye sooner than you’d like.

We miss him every day still, but wouldn’t have missed the chance to get to know this wonderful goof of a dog. He was so loved and I am grateful that we had the chance to love him through the end. Dexter in Five Words: King Kong. Comical. Orange Joy.