Comet 16-003R | New Foster Dog | GRRoW

Comet came back to GRRoW after his owner died. He is doing well and coming out of his shell as some of his medical problems are being addressed.

Comet has been with us since the beginning of December. He has spent the past 5 weeks with 2 other dogs and seems a bit lost now that they are gone. 

When he arrived he did not want to go outside for walks, or get into a car, or do anything other than lay on his bed. He soon discovered that our fenced in backyard suited him and will go in and out of that door without encouragement. We take the dogs for 2 walks a day and he will now go out the door that leads to the garage and will enter the car on his own -- although while the other dogs were here he jumped in with more enthusiasm. While on our walks he holds his head high and appears to be smiling while wagging his tail.

He never pushes or bullies the other dogs. Very much a gentlemen. At times he will play bow and attempt to get other dogs to play with him. He avoids the cat. He is friendly to people but not a Velcro type nor will he seek attention of strangers.

We are waiting for additional blood work to be completed later this month.