Fred 15-006 | Forever Foster Update | GRRoW

Fred joined the GRRoW family in early 2015. He had been rescued from a small shelter that reached out to GRRoW for help. Fred was 14 when he joined us and had some serious health concerns. His ears were badly infected and he had several abscessed teeth. He was also under nourished and acted lost and confused. Fast forward to one year later and WOW!!! What strides Fred has made! Although his ear issues likely will not be entirely resolved, they are much better and he is comfortable and his teeth are pretty good for a 90-ish year old man. Fred had a great summer going on daily walks and hanging out with his pack. On the 'to do' list was tolerating the cat who insists on grooming his face from time to time, and barking 'back up' when the other dogs heard something worth the effort. Fred also celebrated his 15th birthday with his fur family and several GRRoW volunteers (see photo). The cold weather has slowed us all down and the walks have been less and shorter. But Fred gets up and follows me from room to room. He chooses strategically located beds in each one to keep an eye on me so he gets his exercise on the days when I'm busy with projects. Fred has learned to bark to go outside and bark to get my attention and bark when he wants a treat....hmmmm you get the idea. It's wonderful to see this gentleman senior have enough confidence to bark and know it will be received in a positive manner. I have fostered and adopted a number of older dogs and adopting a senior can give SO MUCH joy and satisfaction to the whole family. Helping to make a dog's senior time a pleasure is so rewarding. And they KNOW they have been rescued and are so very grateful. When Fred comes to me and tucks his head into me and I rub his ears and massage his old bones I know from the happy noises he makes and the way he melts at my touch, that he is truly home. I'd like to recommend this book. My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts Coffey, Laura T.