Chester 16-005 | Foster Update | GRRoW

Chester is doing is doing great. He has settled in quite well, and interacts well with our older golden. Chester has a lot of energy – he loves going for walks and runs. He pulls a bit on the leash, but I am sure this can be changed over time. He loves to play fetch – bringing the ball back every time. He is very curious, and much seems new to him. Blowing leaves, shadows, cars – they all cause him to curiously stop and investigate. Chester is good at basic commands. Sit and down are very good. We are trying to get him to stay, and to not paw you when he sits. Chester is doing very well with our cats. One approached him while he was eating and he was not the least bit phased. Chester also likes to play with the kids. He does not bark much. All and all he is a lovely dog.