Hailey 15-012 I Forever Foster Update I GRRoW

Hailey continues to be her funny self. I don't remember laughing this much before she arrived. She has added great enjoyment and brevity to this household. She adapts to the routines that change from time to time. Her adaptability is really a strength. She does have an "air" about her and a look when she wants something and I'm not jumping up to get it for her. She expects me to read her thoughts to minimize her effort. Thankfully, I'm not tempted to go down that road with her. She continues to do very well at my home office and has learned that when I have the leash on her in the house, she is to lay down quietly while clients are here after greeting them when they arrive. Resting quietly for the hour is not difficult for her to do. When the leash comes off, she knows she is free to roam or play with her toys. Another great month!