Meg 06-039 | Memorial | GRRoW

Meg came into GRROW at a time when I was the foster coordinator. Due to some undesirable traits (per the owner) I couldn't find a foster home for her. Since I recently had to put our beloved family dog down, I took Meg. What can I say, within a few days I knew I had become a "Foster Failure". Meg was ours. She had no undesirable traits, she just needed love and attention.
Late this fall Megs health began to fail. After many tests and consultations with specialists, the only diagnosis they could come up with was the dreaded Mast cell tumors. With some medication and pain pills Meg was able to spring back a little bit and was with us for another few weeks or so. That last weekend she told us that she was tired and it was time to go. She went to the bridge to join all the others before her on 11-23-15. She is missed everyday.

Meg's Loving Family