Lambeau 15-018 | Foster Update | GRRoW

Lambeau was able to start on a new allergy medication (apoquel) in Mid-December. His dose of zyrtec has been cut in half, and he’s gone for 3 weeks without needing a medicated bath. The steroid lotion has also been eliminated. Beginning today, we are eliminating all the zyrtek and will see if Lambeau can remain comfortable with monthly medicated baths. I am pleased to report he is doing wonderfully! His itching is pretty normal and he appears very comfortable. He continues to show me more and more of his personality each day. He is initiating play and entertaining himself with squeaker toys. These are all new behaviors; maybe he’s feeling good for the first time in a very long time and we can see who he really is. Lambeau puts his head in my lap and asks for cuddles and hugs. He is such a sweet and gentle little man. On Saturday we did the Meet and Greet at Younkers. Lambeau is always excited to participate and has as much fun with all the attention he gets. When people find out his name is Lambeau, they are over the top with excitement. Lambeau enjoys being with the other Golden Retrievers that are there and patiently waits for the children to pet him.