Chuck 15-034 | New Dog in Foster | Update

Chuck is an 11 yr old male who came to GRRoW from a WI shelter. He started his life as an outdoor dog, and now he is lovin’ the comforts of life inside. It is hard to believe he is 11; he acts about 8. Chuck was neutered at the shelter and has received his required vet check-up (shots, heart-worm test, blood-work and chem panel, fecal, and a full physical). He’s a healthy boy whose only medical concern is a mild case of kennel cough. He is not fond of getting into a vehicle, but once in, he has perfect manners, laying down for the ride.

He easily goes up and down the steps into the house, but will not climb the steps to the second floor. He sleeps quietly at the bottom of the steps waiting for the next petting session. Chuck's teeth are beautiful, shiny and white, but he’s not been interested in chewing anything in the house including dog toys. He has started to play with a ball, but prefers humans over toys. He gets along great with the 2 resident goldens. The cat has not made a appearance yet.

Chuck is a mellow, gentle guy who is an easy to foster and to love. Even though he lived outside his whole life, he’s 100% housebroken.
He is a total love sponge who would sit to be petted 24/7.