Jake 15-007 | Happy Dog | Update

On July 30th Jake passed his CGC with flying colors. I am going to LaCrosse for a TDI test and we will be good to do Therapy Dog work. Jake loves the farm and I have been giving him freedom a little at a time. He seems to have the concept of staying by us when we are out side. So far he has not discovered our small pond. I was in the back of the pick up truck shoveling sand out by the pond and he jumped into the back as if to help me. So cute! I took him down by the lake and we walked out on the pier and if I hadn’t had a leash on him he would have gone in swimming. If my husband leaves socks etc Jake will bring them to me like he is saying look what I found on the floor. Jake is doing 5K walking with me as I train for 5ks.