Beautiful day for Bark in the Park today! | GRRoW |

What a gorgeous day today for Bark in the Park! Thank you to those that came and we missed those of you that were unable to make it. Here are a few images from the day, more to come soon! This was my first year attending Bark in the Park and what a great time my family and I had. How can you not love spending a day with a golden and especially with lot's of golden's! Here are some images from today that I thought I would share right away.

My boys Stanley and Arthur had a great time meeting all the other golden's and being loved on by all the humans. And my girls enjoyed playing and loving on all of the golden's as well. My husband thought it was neat to watch them all run around, play and interact with each other. My family looks forward to next year and more events with GRRoW!

I personally want to thank everyone for welcoming me to GRRoW. I enjoyed meeting all of you today. Also thank you for allowing me to photograph all these beautiful pups! I can't wait for you to see the other images. Once all the images are ready for viewing I have a link posted on the website and for those of you that signed up for the photo booth I will email you the link as well. All the proceeds will go directly to GRRoW if you choose to place any print orders.

Again a sincere thank you to everyone and for all that you do for these amazing dogs!


Lisa Kahlow