Leo 15-030 | Happy Dog Update | GRRoW

We adopted Leo from GRROW September 3, 2015.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family!  He has a golden sister and a mix brother.  He has a calm and loving nature, as well as an exuberance for life!  He is game for anything!  Some of his favorite things are playing ball, going for walks, emptying the basket full of toys, chasing the critters out of the yard and riding in the car.  He spins circles when he knows he will be going for a ride!  We are signed up for obedience training and perhaps agility in the future.  I look forward to winter with him as he will be my cross country skiing partner!  He’s a wonderfully athletic dog, just perfect for our lifestyle!

Thank you GRROW for finding the perfect home for Leo where he will be loved and nurtured forever!