Pamuk 15-040 | Foster Update | GRRoW

Wow, it’s been 1 ½ months since our last update….my, how time flies! Pamuk has been with us a couple of months now and we have all learned a lot. We have learned that we have to always be on our toes with a puppy in the house and she is learning there are rules when living with us! Her curiosity has gotten her in a little puppy trouble recently, so for her protection we crate her when we go to work. She does not seem to mind at all, and is very happy to see us when we get home. Occasionally she resource guards, but we are working with her and we have seen great improvement! We have an occasional setback but it serves as a reminder to us that she is still a puppy and needs our leadership! Pamuk is still itching so we have switched her to a different dog food to see if this helps. If things do not improve, we may do some allergy testing after the holidays. Speaking of the holidays, she got lots of doggie gifts, had great fun unwrapping them, and never bothered the tree once! She gets to go on a couple of walks a day and small training sessions throughout the day. She is amazingly smart and learns quickly so we use that to teach her what she needs to know to be a great family pet. When she is ready for adoption, her forever home will be blessed with a very sweet little girl with lots of love to give, and in return they will need to continue with training and be savvy with raising an adolescent pup who needs leadership and consistency. Stay tuned for future updates!