Lambeau 15-018 | Foster Update | GRRoW

In early November Lambeau had an allergy flair up. He was treated with a course of antibiotic and prednisone to bring down the inflammation. Until there is a hard freeze that holds, he will likely have ongoing issues with his allgerys. Lambeau's routine continues: weekly baths with medicated shampoo followed by steriod lotion. We play ball while he air dries in the kitchen with the fan going to circulate air. He also gets Zrytex twice daily and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil on his dog food. We are hoping to get his allergies more consistently under control before looking for Lambeau’s forever home. We may do some testing to find out exactly what he’s allergic to; we continue to be on the waiting list for the drug Apoquel which is said to be very effective. Lambeau barks very little when company enters the house and then he talks to them telling them how excited and happy he is that they came to visit him! He’s great meeting people of all ages, including children. Lambeau is always eager to go for a ride in the car or a long walk. He enjoys all the people and dogs he meets along the way.