Sahara 15-046 | Foster Update | GRRoW

We are still working on Sahara's allergies. We have changed her dog food to duck and potato and we think we are seeing some improvement. We are working with the vet to determine the cause of her allergies, versus just treating symptoms. She is experiencing some relief with her nasal congestion and coughing. Sahara is a beautiful block head blonde golden with huge feet. She will need some work on her walking when on a leash. She tends to pull but once you get going she slows down. She also does this squeak sound when she is really happy. This occurs when she is happy to see you. Sahara loves stuffed toys. She carries them around and is very proud of them. She will also tend to collect them and claim them as her own (she has two foster golden sisters). Took her to another GRROW volunteer house and she was very well mannered. She does not jump on people and totally loves to cuddle. She loves rides in the car.