Pamuk 15-040 | Foster Update | GRRoW

November 10th, 2015:

Pamuk is continuing to grow and learn new things! She was a little itchy last week, so we had her checked out and her skin was red and warm so our vet put her on some medicine and after just a few days she was itch free…yeh! She is experiencing lots of new stuff and was really intrigued by the ceiling fan once she saw it moving….she barked at it for a while, but now she knows that it is nothing to be concerned with. She is learning some obedience and catches on very quickly especially when there is a treat involved! She is a joy to walk, loves being outside with us, and will chase a tennis ball as long as someone will throw it. Since she has gotten more comfortable in our home, she has checked out the kitchen counter….she didn’t find anything good though, so we are working on changing that habit. She is loving her crate and naps in there when I am at the computer working and sleeps in there at night with no more whining or crying. She recently decided that her dog bed was a chew toy, so we have stored the bed away for now and will introduce it again once she settles in just a little bit more. She stays in the kitchen/dining room area when we are gone so she can’t get in any “puppy” trouble and she does great! She understands that even though we leave, we always come back and she always greets us at the door with a wagging tail! Her personality comes out more and more every day as she settles in and learns that she is safe and loved. She is a joy to have around and has lots of love to give!