Lambeau 15-018 | Foster Update | GRRoW

Lambeau is doing great! He is always excited about going for walks. Our normal routine is morning and evening and sometimes a midday walk. He does best with cooler temperatures, so Fall is welcomed. He also eagerly goes for car rides; given the chance, he’ll jump into the front and ‘ride shotgun’. Lambeau continues to surprise me. He’s relaxed around other dogs. 

A couple of weeks ago, he went to GRRoW’s Bark in the Park and was a hit with other volunteers and all the other Goldens. People couldn’t believe how healthy he looks. Overall, the Vet is so pleased with the progress Lambeau has made with his allergies. His coat is fluffy and soft and hair has been growing back around his eyes. He has occasional flare ups (most recently last week) which require a trip to the vet. The treatment is usually continued diligence with medicated baths, lotion, and sometimes antibiotics. Managing his allergies is a bit of work, but Lambeau gives lots of love in return!