Pamuk 15-040 | Foster Update | GRRoW

Pamuk is learning to stay around the yard with the other dogs and loves to wrestle with the rope leash and her tug toys. We introduced the crate and while she does not go into the crate without a treat, she does lie down immediately and after a short but mournful whine, she will quietly watch what is going on in the house. At night she does the same routine and will sleep through the night. Yesterday she barked at the riding lawnmower after it stopped and at me with the umbrella. A few short barks and then she is fine with new things. Her ear and skin infection are clearing up nicely. Pamuk loves to ride in the car, and while she hasn’t figured out how to jump into the back of an SUV, she settles quietly in the back once she climbs over the seats to get there. Treats are a favorite of hers but if you hold them in one hand and give them to her with the other she is confused as to which hand to watch. Every day is an adventure and a learning experience with this charmer!