Pamuk 15-040 | New Dog in Foster | GRRoW

  • Pamuk
  • Dog ID: 15-040

Pamuk is a young pup who is used to the outside and learning how to adjust to daily living. She is a quick learner and seems to enjoy all the playful puppy things including running, walking, sniffing and sleeping. She loves other dogs and companionship and is quickly becoming a velcro dog when in the house. This is a people dog who wants to be loved. She treats things that are new to her curiously and sometimes with a bark. The fake deer used for archery was something she just could not understand and the garage door going up caught her attention. Each day brings new surprises and growth with this young lady. She is going to make a family a great companion as she is quickly acclimating to indoor living. Right now she is being treated for an ear and skin infection.