Jackson 17-023 | New Dog | GRROW

Jackson is an 8 year old golden/lab mix who has all those golden markings but much shorter hair and smaller stature. He does well in a quieter household with older children that do not disturb his slumber. He came into GRRoW from a shelter and can only be adopted by a family if children are over 10 years old. He loves to follow commands and enjoys attention. He is inquisitive and likes to know what is going on in his world. A vet visit is in the works.

Lily 17-022 | New Dog | GRROW

Lily came in with her "husband" Chewy. Lily was in desperate need of a brushing. We filled one plastic grocery bag on the first brushing. We are brushing her every day to get out the thick under coat. She will be getting a hair trim shortly and a bath. She is very itchy. She is doing very well and gets along with all the dogs. She does bark when she wants to come in from outside. She is slow to figure out the dog door. She really wants to chase the chickens and shows a lot of interest in them.

Chewy 17-021 | New Dog | GRROW

Chewy is NOT a golden retriever. He is an Eskipoo. He is bonded with Lily who is a golden retriever. This guy can still walk 3 miles, chase chickens and actually catch them and wants to run after rabbits. He is doing very well with my dogs after a slow introduction. He shows interest in my cat but she has an area where he cannot get to her. We have had some marking issues in the house. As the days go by it has gotten better. We are crating him when we are not home. He knows how to use the dog door but has quite put it together that that is how he can let himself out. He sleeps in our bed. For some reason he really loves my husband and will do his little dance for him the most.

Oscar 16-034| Active Dog Update| GRRoW

Oscar has made great progress with his allergy management. At his last vet appointment, he “graduated” to a long term maintenance program. Oscar will need to continue to adhere to a strict diet that avoids all his trigger foods. He’ll likely need Apoquel pills and twice weekly staph lysate shots (given at home) to manage his other allergies. He successfully completed his 16-week twice weekly staph lysate injections to build up his tolerance to the naturally occurring staph on his skin. Oscar will never be a ‘water dog’ as he needs to be completely dried as soon as possible after he has a bath or gets wet. But he doesn’t mind. Running after tennis balls is more his style. He has always been a happy dog, but he’s even happier now that his allergies are under control and he’s comfortable. He is a fast runner and often jumps and catches a tennis ball while it’s still in the air. He’s an easy-going guy who is finally ready to find his forever home.