• Zilla
  • Dog ID: 18-014
  • Surrender Date:  4/2/2018
  • Gender: Male/Neutered
  • Adoption Fee: $350, plus applicable tax
  • Age: approx. 7 years
  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Interactions with dogs: Good
  • Interactions with kids: Good
  • Interactions with cats: Good
  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes: Allergies. Bonded with Irie 18-013


April 15, 2018:

Zilla is bonded to Irie 18-013. They were an owner surrender. Zilla appears to have some allergies and is itchy. RIght now he loves the snow and will roll in it all the time. He loves to be brushed and petted. He is the calmer of the two dogs. He does go on the couch and sleeps there at night. He eats very fast and I have to make sure he doesn't steal Irie's food. They eat at the same raised station (I believe they did that at their previous home). He is obsessed with my cat and will watch her for very long periods of time. He does not do anything just watches and barks. He loves to be petted and likes to please. He is also very overweight so he is on a diet. More to come.